Thursday, May 19, 2011

Israelie Peace plan

My  mother recieved this email today from John Delancey.  
Netanyahu Adds Settlement Blocs to Peace Conditions
by Gil Ronen 
In a speech before the Knesset’s plenum in its special Herzl Day session, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu laid down five conditions for a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority Arabs. These are:
  1. The Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish nation’s state. 
  2. The treaty must be an end to the conflict.
  3. The Arab refugee problem must be solved outside of Israel’s borders.
  4. A Palestinian state will have to be demilitarized and a peace treaty must safeguard Israel’s security.
  5. The settlement blocs will remain within the state of Israel and Jerusalem will remain its united capital.
Netanyahu’s speech can be seen as an accurate indication of what he intends to say when he addresses the U.S. Congress next Tuesday. It is unlikely that he will go back on any of the principles he laid down, given the venue: a Herzl Day address before the Knesset plenum. Fearing that the prime minister intended to announce concessions in Washington, MKs within Likud had demanded that Netanyahu address Israelis before he goes to the U.S..
Based on Monday's speech, the prime minister does not appear to be planning any retreat from previous positions, and may even have toughened his stance somewhat, although this is arguable.
By and large, the speech does not depart from the one he delivered at Bar Ilan University in June 2009. In that speech as in the latest one, Netanyahu said that a PA state would be demilitarized, and that Israel would require security arrangements in a peace treaty. He also said that Jerusalem would remain united as Israel’s capital and that Arab refugees would be resettled outside Israel.  
The condition added by Netanyahu in this speech is Israel’s retention of the large settlement blocs. In the Bar Ilan speech, Netanyahu said that the territorial issues would be determined in negotiations and that until then, Israel would not be building new settlements or expropriating land in Judea and Samaria.
In Monday’s speech he was less defensive and more confident on this issue, raising the ante and announcing that Israel would insist on keeping the large settlement blocs in its possession.
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My take on this is simple.  Read Ezekiel 38.  If they can implement this peace plan, then we are looking at the setup for Ezekiel.  The challenge is that Palestine has never wanted to recognize Israel.  They also want the Old city of Jerusalem as their capital.  Israel does not want Palestinians anywhere they can attack.  So we'll have to wait and see.  Things are starting to look up.  It may not be May 21 but our redemption is drawing neigh.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 21 is almost here. And gone.

We are now at 10 days and counting until Judgment day if you believe Numerologist and radio network owner Harold Camping.  Harold Camping is the owner of the Family Radio.  Family Radio is a network of radio stations that play old time Gospel and play Bible Verses all day long on over 100 stations.  Harold Camping wrote a book reporting that Judgment day was in 1994.  A false date that has come and gone.  Jackie Alnor at has been following this since 1992.  She points out that they take scripture out of context and then preach as definite.  He uses numerology at its extreme as fact.   Of course the big line you hear from Camping followers is "The Bible guarantees it." Even those who teach Bible codes don't hold anything as definite.

There are a number of problems that Harold Camping has.  First of all is his eschatology.  He has stated that Satan has been loosed and is now in the Church. I don't doubt that there are some churches that Satan hasn't entered.  But to say that the Holy Spirit left the church in 1988.  So I have huge problems with Harold Camping.  If I were to label him, he is a amillennial post-tribulationalist.  He says the church age is the millennium but he also says we have been in the great tribulation since 1988.  Go figure.  Most orthodox post-tribulaitonalist are just pre-millinnielist that don't believe in a rapture.

The big problem I am seeing is that various groups are going to use this against those of us who hold a biblical pre-tribulational stand.  First of all they are saying he is predicting the Rapture.  No he is not.  He is predicting Judgment day.  A day when Jesus will return to execute Judgment on the earth.  Yes there is a rapture but it is a post tribulational rapture.  The few righteous left, and those of us who go to church are not them, will be caught up and the rest judged very swiftly. 

Second groups like American Vision are joining athiest groups in preparing for non-rapture parties on May 22.  I have said much about American Vision on my blogs.  They are of course preterist.  They believe that the tribulation took place in AD 70 leading up to the fall of Jerusalem.  Since all this is in the past, then non of this is in the future.  We are are to be about the business of "Disciplining nations"  so that they have christian laws and government.    Both groups will be practicing 2 Peter 3:4  "And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation."

On May 22 I plan on Doing my regular radio show on  It will not be a rapture did not happen party.  It will be instead a look forward to the next opportunity to see Jesus.  The rapture is coming, mark my words.  There is no human that is going to push it forward with faulty math.  Jesus said that no man knows the day or the hour.  Matt 24:36.  So get ready.  Just don't expect it on May 21.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin is dead, Finally

This is a tough blog to write.  It goes totally against everything that is being written and spoken in public.   I went on the Tuesday night show of  Rapture Ready Radio and went against the majority opinion.  The facts do not line up for what the president said on Sunday.  Did the president actually give an order to kill Osama Bin Laudin.  Here is the facts.  Osama Bin Ladin was seriously ill in 2001.  He needed daily dialysis.  He died in 2001 of kidney failure.  The original plan was to kill him in October of 2004 so Bush could have an October surprise.  Madeline Albright got wind of the plan and put the news out so he had to back off.  There has been over 9 announcements of the death of Bin Ladin.  There are more holes in this story then swiss cheese.  Seal team six attacking a compound near a major Pakistani base.  How could he live there without either U.S. or Pakastani spies not knowing where he was.  If they both knew about it why wasn't it a joint operation to attack the compound?  Then they took the body to a boat and buried it at sea.  There is no way we could ever verify what happened. 

So why kill him on May 1, 2011?  That is the bigger question.  Is there a prophetic significance to it.  I think there is.  First of all May one is known as Mayday.  A major socialist holiday.  It was the day that the Illuminati was founded.  It is a time when Obama is at his lowest approval ratings.  The dollar is imploding.  The earth is in convulsions with earthquakes and tornadoes in record numbers. More importantly was the rumors being spread that there is 160 nukes buried under federal buildings around the country.  If Bin Ladin was ever killed they would be set off.  What is scary is that someone on the prophecy club prophesied  bombs going off in major U.S. Cities.  So with that scare they are talking about ramping up surveillance and checkpoints.  

We also have the third intifada being promoted for May 15.  This is a Palestinian uprising planned for that day against Israel.  Facebook has shut down several pages dedicated to it.   Now they have a martyr to fight for.  Nothing more powerful then a martyr.  Be sure to pray for Israel during those those weeks.  Which brings us to May 21.  Harold Camping is predicting this for Judgment day.  While I don't think that is the case, we could be looking at something very interesting for that day.  Since this is 6 days after May 15.   People are looking at this as Ezekiel 38.  I don't think so.  I think this is a Psalms 83 war and or Isaiah 17.  This could be the case if the Muslim Brotherhood takes Damascus. 

So if you want to study more on this subject I would recommend to learn about the false attack on Bin Ladin.  You can look at to learn what Harold Camping has to say about May 21. for the arguments against it.  And of course listen to blogtalkradio/rapturereadyradio for further information.  I was also on blogtalkradio/acmedia on Monday discussing this.  Stay tuned for more.

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