Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon Dead at age 85.

Face  Shabat Shalom.  I dropped my daughter off for work this morning at her new job at McDonalds. Stopped and had breakfast.  As I was watching Fox news, I saw the headline above.  Ariel Sharon is now Dead at age 85.

Prophetic significance?  Lets take a look.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died at age 106 and had visions of the Messiah said these words.  That after Sharon Dies the Messiah will appear.  He is now dead after being in a coma since 2006.  Almost 8 years.  Kaduri also stated in a letter that was to be read only after he was dead for one year that the name of the Jewish Messiah was Yahoshua.  The Hebrew word for Jesus.

I also think it is significant that it happened on a sabbath.   Many believe that the millinium represent a sabbath of 1000 years.  It is believed that creation happened in 4004BC.  If that is true, then the earth is over a 6000 year old now and we are beginning the final day.    

Secretary of State John Kerry has been in the middle east working overtime trying to hammer out a peace plan when no peace plan looks possible.  Why the rush?  Could it be that he has a mandate to have something on the table to sign by passover of this year?  Really?

Passover of this year begins the four blood moons of the two Jewish festivals that fall on full moons.  Passover and Tabernacles.  Significance.  Joel says there will be signs in the sun moon and stars.  Jesus Died on a blood moon.  Will the rapture take place on a blood moon.

We see an increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity.  Fireballs from space.  Comets and asteroids coming at us like gangbusters.  Things are lining up.  Time for Todd Stanberg at  to raise the rapture index to a new high. 

Be on the watch.  Time is short.  Look up for your redemption draws near. 

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