Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept 29 is that they day?

I have received may questions lately on my radio show at and about a possible rapture on September 29 of this year.  The Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour but there is a lot of strange things happening with this date.  First of all, Rosh Hoshanna, the Jewish New Year begins on that day.  It is a two day holiday that celebrates the new year when the priest officially see a new moon in the sky. Many a Bible teacher has tried to link  the date with the rapture since many of the other events of Jesus' first coming fulfilled the spring feast, the logic is the second coming will fulfill the fall feast.

The Second major event of that day is it will be when comet Elinin will be directly between us and the sun.  Many a post tribber has speculated that it is the sixth seal of Revelation.  Marshall Masters at  has said that this is the most dangerous time with the comet.  The big thing to watch is the fact that there has been an increase of earthquakes as this comet gets closer. I am not going to debate that and there are still others that say that the comet has broken up so therefore it will be of little to no consequence.    This week alone, we have had more than eight earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.  One of those quakes was a 7.3.  These are not insignificant.  Jesus said in Matthew 24 that their will be earthquakes in diverse places.  The question is, is the comet causing the quakes or is something else?  Speculation has occurred because the alignment has caused other quakes and with the comet approaching the closest point, will with cause the big one found in Revelation 6 associated with the sixth seal?

One interesting note is that President Obama has planned that day to fly to Denver, CO.  What is so significant about that?  The new Denver International Airport(DIA, DEN on your ticket)   is an mysterious place.  According to Jesse Ventura and his series, Conspiracy Theory, It was built with lots of underground passageways and buildings far from town with some interesting artwork.  The thought goes that he would come to town to run the government from the underground bunkers at the airport in case of a major disaster.  Denver is considered a safe place, far from the coast, on a high plain, where you can build lots underground.

The other safe place is Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri..  Interesting, that the other new airport built during Clinton years was Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport west of Fayettville, AR. Everyone saw that as  pork that Clinton got for his favorite school.  But now looking at it it could have been another place they could send government people during a time of crisis.  Northwest Arkansas has many caves that would serve well as protection from a solar storm or other major disaster.

The other major event happening in the world about the same time is in the Middle East.  The Palestinians have asked the United Nations to grant them Statehood without a treaty from Israel defining land.  This can be very troubling.  I have seen reports that say that Palestine will just claim all the territory of Israel as its own.  I have also seen where Israel plans on Annexing Judea and Sumeria.  If either or both of them happens, along with a favorable outcome from the U.N. then we are looking at war.  Right now efforts should be made to encourage the state department to veto the proposal in the Security Council.   Will it be the Psalm 83 war that is being speculated?  we don't know.  But we do know that it could come down to Iran and Russia invading Israel causing the Gog and Magog war. 

When you see the week September 28 should be an interesting one.  Keep your eye on the sky and an ear to the ground.

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