Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is correct eschatology important part 2.

I was listening to a show on the prophecy club and got an idea.  I want to flesh it out here and see if it flies.  Several years ago there was a card game called the Illuminati game.  One of the cards showed tall buildings fall.  another showed wars.  One of the last cards had aliens.  These cards have turned out to be uncannily accurate.  So the last card supposedly is the Alien card.  One of the things we know about Satan is that he is not stupid.  He knows the Bible better then most Biblical scholars.  He has twisted it in more ways than most of us have heard of.  One of the major theologies is one known as amillennialism.  This says that there will be no tribulation but Jesus will return at any moment and we start eternity.  If the next event is for an Alien invasions.  Who do you think will be invading?  Of course we don't believe that there are aliens from other planets but they are from another dimension.  Sometimes known as the multiverse.  They have been thrown out of heaven so they are playing around down here.   We have been prepared for years for their arrival by many science fiction movies.  If these guys show up and then someone shows up  to save the day.  And that person claims to be the Christ and has all kinds of lying signs and wonders then the millions of people who hold the a millennial view will  automatically fall for it.

Almost every place the Bible talks about then kinds it starts with a warning to not be fooled.  Many will come in my name.  And If they say that I am here or I am there then don't believe it.  There will be a strong delusion that if it were possible it would deceive the very elect.  If someone shows up and says that he is God and performs the miracles, and the Pope buys it, then you better not.That is the Beast.  The man of sin.  The son of Perdition.  Of course we know that the rider of the white horse that shows up first is not the true Christ.  He is antichrist.

Which gets back to why we study eschatology.  We study it so that we are on the same page with God.  The Bible is 4/5ths history and 1/3rd of that is pre-written in the form of prophecy.  Many times it is mixed together.  We must strive to study it and know it so that we know what God's plan is.  Hosea said that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  We don't study this stuff.  While are what if scenarios may or may not work, we are always required to know the text so that when it does happen, we can say ah ha, that is what is going on.  Daniel said that this knowledge would be sealed until the end times.   Revelation said, don't seal it for the Time is at hand.  Well the time is at hand.  Keep looking up.  Your redemption is drawing neigh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earthquakes, Tornados, and Volcanos Oh My!

Wow, has the last two weeks have been exciting if you are following earth changes, Matthew 24 prophecies or any of the other one of the multitude prophecies concerning the end times.  Here is just a short list.  Since an 8.6 earthquake struck in Indonesia last Tuesday, we have had no less then a dozen 6.0 or higher earthquakes throughout the planet.  We generally see them on the ring of fire but a new one popped up this morning on the border between South American plate and the Antarctic plate in the middle of the south Atlantic. 

Tornadoes and Hail have not only hit in Mid America from Amarillo to Minneapolis, We have also had them in South Arabia. The hail pictures I have been seeing have been as large as 18 inches.  It is now at an incredible size.  Baseball and softball size hail has become the norm.  We had the large tornadoes last year but this year it started even earlier.

Volcanoes.  Well that has been incredible watching.  Costa Rica has two going off.  Mount Etna is going off in Italy.  There are several going in Indonesia.  According to the extinctionprotocal  forty-nine volcanoes have gone off since the first of the year. 

Two things I want to know.  Why doesn't the mainstream media talk about this more?  Why do I have to read about this is sources like blogs to find out what is going on?  The second thing I want to know is what is causing all this?  There have been many explanations.  Everything form HAARP to Frac well drilling to the approach of Nibiru(Wormwood).  I will tell you that any one or all of these could be working together on it.  We may never know until after the fact or in heaven. 

What we do know is that the earth is groaning.  It is cracking up.  It is in convulsions.  It is in birth pangs.  What that means is that the time of Tribulation is near.  If you see the Christmas decorations going up in the store, you know Thanksgiving is close.  If you see these signs you know the rapture is near. 

Time to get right with God.  Keep your ear to the ground and an eye on the sky. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is it time to call the midwife?

Looking the the website, there has been a whole lot of shaken going on.  You can also say the hits just keep on coming.  When you look at it you see the size of the quakes getting larger and more frequent.  In the last twenty four hours we have had two 8. earthquakes in Samontra,  Two Six point earthquakes in Mexico,  5.9 off the coast of Oregon.  5.3 in Japan.  There has been an interesting one in Utah and one off Nova Scotia.  

Jesus said when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places look up.  Look up for redemption draweth neigh.   Matthew 24 calls this the beginning of sorrows.  The Greek word is odeen which is the pains of childbirth.   I have four children myself and have been there for each of the births.  I know what that looks like.  I've been there when we had the children at home and when we had them in a hospital.  So we won't get into the whole midwife/hospital controversy in this post.  Though at another time and another place that would be a great discussion.  The thing I am seeing is the time is approaching.  What a doctor or a midwife would say is, when the contractions are close together, then we are ready to deliver.  There is something called Braxton-Hix contractions.  They are false labor pains.  A woman who is in touch with her body knows the difference.  With this round of earthquakes and the frequency of them happening, I say we are beyond Braxton-Hix and ready to call  the midwife to come and deliver the baby.

The question now becomes are you ready?  To be ready is simple.  Call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved.  For those who have already done so, are your garments, cleaned and pressed and ready.  Time to pray up.  Time to look up, for our salvation draweth neigh.  

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