Friday, November 18, 2011

Campaign 2012

I think it is funny how the  polls keep floating one person or another as the front runner in the Republican nomination process.  Each candidate has had a chance to be out front and each one has been met with reality except two.  Both of which have had their share and both need to have a down before we can have a winner.  The biggest problem is that most of America has had a chance to learn about global politics.  We have responded with the Tea Party on the Right and the Occupy movement on the left.  Both movements have been co opted by the politicians to get them to say what they want them to say.  That leads to a real problem when we vote for people because we believe they are one way on the campaign trail and they turn into something else in office.  Some of it is their fault and some of it is ours.  I think the election of all of the last few presidents show us that it is our fault on all of them.  Getting back to the current field of presidents let's look at them and their baggage and see who if anyone is worth getting our vote.

The Front runner is Mick Romney.  A conservative Mormon who was the governor of a liberal state.  Massachusetts.    Most people in America look at conservative and say that is enough for me but they fail to look at the persons religion or record.  As a governor he brought a state health insurance bill to Massachusetts know colloquially as Romneycare.  Very similar to Obama care and Teddy Kennedy used it to draft the national version of the law.  Romney said in a recent interview that he did a lot of things in Massachusetts that he wouldn't do as president because of the demography of the country.  Is that true?  If you are willing to do something different in Texas then you do in Massachusetts, it says that you are not true to your principles but flow with the waves of public opinion.  Can you say where is Reagan when you need him?  Also his religion.  The Mormon church is preparing a Temple in Washington for the prophesied Mormon president.  If you don't like Muslims in government now under Obama, you will not like Mormons in government under Romney.

The next consistent polling person is Ron Paul.  Ron Paul has done much to spread the idea of End the Fed.  His ideas on cutting  taxes and spending need to be adopted by all republicans.  The big problem is that most of the other candidates are so dependent on corporate money to run for office that they cannot run on his principles.  The big issue with Ron Paul is his foreign policies.  They are a throwback to the 1910's when we were debating joining the first world war.  I am afraid that the world is now too dangerous to do that.  We will have an attack on US soil if we do.  If you believe that all the terrorist are run by the CIA, you would also have to agree that the CIA would attack America to get us back into foreign conflicts.  So we are playing a dicey game with foreign policy.  Also, Ron is also considering running as a third party candidate,  Independent or Libertarian., based on how the early states go.  He will have to make that decision rather early.  Before the Texas primary in March.  He cannot be on the Republican primary ballot in March and the Libertarian in November in his home state. 

Right now the third runner is Newt Gingrich.  Probably the most intellectually smart man in the race.  Don't let this catholic fool you.  He is a communitarian.  That is a Democratic socialist.  He was the one that brought us NAFTA.  He Promoted the book Third Way to his colleagues as speaker of the House and set us in a course as a do nothing congress.  I heard someone say, he could work with the democrats better then any other candidate.  I don't think that is a good thing always.  Also, as a look at his home life shows that he is not stable.  Having gone through three marriages.  I wouldn't want to be his current wife. 

The last one rising high in the poles was Herman Cain.  An articulate black man who has run his own business and a few other peoples business.  He is know as the Godfather of the republicans.  Haveing been president of Godfather's pizza.  His big baggage comes in one of those great jobs he had.  Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve.  If you are a Ron Pauler and want to End the Fed then Herman Cain is not the person you want there.  His big push is for the 9 9 9 tax plan.  9% income tax, 9% capital Gains and 9% sales tax.  Sounds like a good plan if you are used to paying 35% tax but let's look at that again.  Right now over 50% of  Americans pay no Income tax and get a rebate on their taxes.  That will not bod well for them.  Adding a sales tax on top of what we are already paying will not work either because that will drive up the cost of purchasing and we will buy less.  Not good for jobs.  On Foreign policy, I have not seen anything on that.  He is an unknown.

The greatest rise and fall in the polls goes to Rick Perry.  The third term Republican governor of Texas.  His main campaign strength has been the economy of Texas.  But then as people started looking at Perry and who was backing him, he fell off.  The first strike was his 2010 visit to the Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland.  The Bilderbergs are an American European government conference where leaders try to understand each other's government.  At least that is the benign way of saying it.  Others think they are running the world.  His second strike is that a lot of his support is from the new Religious right.  This is not your Jerry Falwell's.  This would be your Dominionist thinking Christians.  The ones that think that it is our job to take over government and the other seven mountains of the seven mountain mandate which Glen Beck, a Mormon also endorses. Non Christians and most Christians are not keen on that idea.  Then people started looking at his Texas record.  That became very disturbing.  Yes Texas has high job growth but low in insured workers.  What that is saying is that most of the jobs in Texas are low wage.  Also, Texas is good in the Amount of money on hand.  The thanks to that is not our government, but our constitution.  The constitution of Texas requires a balanced budget over two years and does not allow for an income tax.  What was done this year to accomplish that was pretty bad.  A lot of spending cuts that were not popular.  Rick Perry has done much to stand up for state rights.  But has he gone too far is some of those stands? 

Michelle Bauchman is one who has done well in polls.  She is an interesting character representing the sentiments of the Tea Party.  Her big problem is she is so to the right that she can't reach to the left.  The one debate that I saw her in left me thinking is she going to sit their and argue with people or is she going to get down to business and get something done?  Her personality seems like it lends itself well to being a congresswoman but not towards being POTUS.

Their are others, but these are the leading candidates.  On the democratic side, no one has stepped forward to challenge our current president whom I see a vulnerable.  The big problem is that the best candidates all work in the Administration.  It would take a governor or a congressman to challenge him.  I don't think any of the current congressmen have what it takes to win outside of their own state. 

Where does this leave us in America.  Not good.  I really don't see any good leadership out their.  Prophetically, there has been a prophecy of a Mormon president and one of a Pretty woman as president in the end.  Those prophecies are contradictory in my opinion.  If Ron Paul runs third party will that hurt the Republicans in November?  I think that depends on who is the Republican candidate.   

So in conclusion.  I am not going to indorse any one candidate.  What I am going to say is that they all need to be carefully vetted and you need to come to your own conclusion.  You need to look at all issues, foreign, economy, social issues, and make up your own mind.  Here in Texas I don't have to vote until March.  I will use that time to make up my own mind. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1, Play on

Rosh Hashanah has come and gone.  Elenin alignment has passed.  Obama is home from Denver.  This has reminded me of something I told the captains before a volleyball match I officiated last night.  I told the girls to play until they hear a whistle.  God has instructed us to work until we hear the last trumpet.

How many times do we quit because we think that we will be gone.  We act like we do when we know when the last day you will be at a job.  I don't care what you guys do I won't be here to suffer the consequences.  Wrong attitude.

We have a pastor that is facing the death penalty in Iran.  We have a major situation in the U.N. with the Palestinians asking for a state.  We have a budget crises in our government.  We know the dollar is imploding.  Wall Street is in turmoil.  We have an election coming up. There is a lot to do here on earth.  Has your neighbor been witnessed to?

As the pretrib activist, I have to encourage you to play on.  Keep going.  Finish the course that God has laid out for you.  Play until you hear a whistle.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept 29 is that they day?

I have received may questions lately on my radio show at and about a possible rapture on September 29 of this year.  The Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour but there is a lot of strange things happening with this date.  First of all, Rosh Hoshanna, the Jewish New Year begins on that day.  It is a two day holiday that celebrates the new year when the priest officially see a new moon in the sky. Many a Bible teacher has tried to link  the date with the rapture since many of the other events of Jesus' first coming fulfilled the spring feast, the logic is the second coming will fulfill the fall feast.

The Second major event of that day is it will be when comet Elinin will be directly between us and the sun.  Many a post tribber has speculated that it is the sixth seal of Revelation.  Marshall Masters at  has said that this is the most dangerous time with the comet.  The big thing to watch is the fact that there has been an increase of earthquakes as this comet gets closer. I am not going to debate that and there are still others that say that the comet has broken up so therefore it will be of little to no consequence.    This week alone, we have had more than eight earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.  One of those quakes was a 7.3.  These are not insignificant.  Jesus said in Matthew 24 that their will be earthquakes in diverse places.  The question is, is the comet causing the quakes or is something else?  Speculation has occurred because the alignment has caused other quakes and with the comet approaching the closest point, will with cause the big one found in Revelation 6 associated with the sixth seal?

One interesting note is that President Obama has planned that day to fly to Denver, CO.  What is so significant about that?  The new Denver International Airport(DIA, DEN on your ticket)   is an mysterious place.  According to Jesse Ventura and his series, Conspiracy Theory, It was built with lots of underground passageways and buildings far from town with some interesting artwork.  The thought goes that he would come to town to run the government from the underground bunkers at the airport in case of a major disaster.  Denver is considered a safe place, far from the coast, on a high plain, where you can build lots underground.

The other safe place is Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri..  Interesting, that the other new airport built during Clinton years was Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport west of Fayettville, AR. Everyone saw that as  pork that Clinton got for his favorite school.  But now looking at it it could have been another place they could send government people during a time of crisis.  Northwest Arkansas has many caves that would serve well as protection from a solar storm or other major disaster.

The other major event happening in the world about the same time is in the Middle East.  The Palestinians have asked the United Nations to grant them Statehood without a treaty from Israel defining land.  This can be very troubling.  I have seen reports that say that Palestine will just claim all the territory of Israel as its own.  I have also seen where Israel plans on Annexing Judea and Sumeria.  If either or both of them happens, along with a favorable outcome from the U.N. then we are looking at war.  Right now efforts should be made to encourage the state department to veto the proposal in the Security Council.   Will it be the Psalm 83 war that is being speculated?  we don't know.  But we do know that it could come down to Iran and Russia invading Israel causing the Gog and Magog war. 

When you see the week September 28 should be an interesting one.  Keep your eye on the sky and an ear to the ground.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Israelie Peace plan

My  mother recieved this email today from John Delancey.  
Netanyahu Adds Settlement Blocs to Peace Conditions
by Gil Ronen 
In a speech before the Knesset’s plenum in its special Herzl Day session, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu laid down five conditions for a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority Arabs. These are:
  1. The Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish nation’s state. 
  2. The treaty must be an end to the conflict.
  3. The Arab refugee problem must be solved outside of Israel’s borders.
  4. A Palestinian state will have to be demilitarized and a peace treaty must safeguard Israel’s security.
  5. The settlement blocs will remain within the state of Israel and Jerusalem will remain its united capital.
Netanyahu’s speech can be seen as an accurate indication of what he intends to say when he addresses the U.S. Congress next Tuesday. It is unlikely that he will go back on any of the principles he laid down, given the venue: a Herzl Day address before the Knesset plenum. Fearing that the prime minister intended to announce concessions in Washington, MKs within Likud had demanded that Netanyahu address Israelis before he goes to the U.S..
Based on Monday's speech, the prime minister does not appear to be planning any retreat from previous positions, and may even have toughened his stance somewhat, although this is arguable.
By and large, the speech does not depart from the one he delivered at Bar Ilan University in June 2009. In that speech as in the latest one, Netanyahu said that a PA state would be demilitarized, and that Israel would require security arrangements in a peace treaty. He also said that Jerusalem would remain united as Israel’s capital and that Arab refugees would be resettled outside Israel.  
The condition added by Netanyahu in this speech is Israel’s retention of the large settlement blocs. In the Bar Ilan speech, Netanyahu said that the territorial issues would be determined in negotiations and that until then, Israel would not be building new settlements or expropriating land in Judea and Samaria.
In Monday’s speech he was less defensive and more confident on this issue, raising the ante and announcing that Israel would insist on keeping the large settlement blocs in its possession.
The DeLancey "Ark"
John, Sue, Joel, Hannah, Rachel
Samson, Maggie, Tiger, Skittles, Tink
My take on this is simple.  Read Ezekiel 38.  If they can implement this peace plan, then we are looking at the setup for Ezekiel.  The challenge is that Palestine has never wanted to recognize Israel.  They also want the Old city of Jerusalem as their capital.  Israel does not want Palestinians anywhere they can attack.  So we'll have to wait and see.  Things are starting to look up.  It may not be May 21 but our redemption is drawing neigh.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 21 is almost here. And gone.

We are now at 10 days and counting until Judgment day if you believe Numerologist and radio network owner Harold Camping.  Harold Camping is the owner of the Family Radio.  Family Radio is a network of radio stations that play old time Gospel and play Bible Verses all day long on over 100 stations.  Harold Camping wrote a book reporting that Judgment day was in 1994.  A false date that has come and gone.  Jackie Alnor at has been following this since 1992.  She points out that they take scripture out of context and then preach as definite.  He uses numerology at its extreme as fact.   Of course the big line you hear from Camping followers is "The Bible guarantees it." Even those who teach Bible codes don't hold anything as definite.

There are a number of problems that Harold Camping has.  First of all is his eschatology.  He has stated that Satan has been loosed and is now in the Church. I don't doubt that there are some churches that Satan hasn't entered.  But to say that the Holy Spirit left the church in 1988.  So I have huge problems with Harold Camping.  If I were to label him, he is a amillennial post-tribulationalist.  He says the church age is the millennium but he also says we have been in the great tribulation since 1988.  Go figure.  Most orthodox post-tribulaitonalist are just pre-millinnielist that don't believe in a rapture.

The big problem I am seeing is that various groups are going to use this against those of us who hold a biblical pre-tribulational stand.  First of all they are saying he is predicting the Rapture.  No he is not.  He is predicting Judgment day.  A day when Jesus will return to execute Judgment on the earth.  Yes there is a rapture but it is a post tribulational rapture.  The few righteous left, and those of us who go to church are not them, will be caught up and the rest judged very swiftly. 

Second groups like American Vision are joining athiest groups in preparing for non-rapture parties on May 22.  I have said much about American Vision on my blogs.  They are of course preterist.  They believe that the tribulation took place in AD 70 leading up to the fall of Jerusalem.  Since all this is in the past, then non of this is in the future.  We are are to be about the business of "Disciplining nations"  so that they have christian laws and government.    Both groups will be practicing 2 Peter 3:4  "And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation."

On May 22 I plan on Doing my regular radio show on  It will not be a rapture did not happen party.  It will be instead a look forward to the next opportunity to see Jesus.  The rapture is coming, mark my words.  There is no human that is going to push it forward with faulty math.  Jesus said that no man knows the day or the hour.  Matt 24:36.  So get ready.  Just don't expect it on May 21.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin is dead, Finally

This is a tough blog to write.  It goes totally against everything that is being written and spoken in public.   I went on the Tuesday night show of  Rapture Ready Radio and went against the majority opinion.  The facts do not line up for what the president said on Sunday.  Did the president actually give an order to kill Osama Bin Laudin.  Here is the facts.  Osama Bin Ladin was seriously ill in 2001.  He needed daily dialysis.  He died in 2001 of kidney failure.  The original plan was to kill him in October of 2004 so Bush could have an October surprise.  Madeline Albright got wind of the plan and put the news out so he had to back off.  There has been over 9 announcements of the death of Bin Ladin.  There are more holes in this story then swiss cheese.  Seal team six attacking a compound near a major Pakistani base.  How could he live there without either U.S. or Pakastani spies not knowing where he was.  If they both knew about it why wasn't it a joint operation to attack the compound?  Then they took the body to a boat and buried it at sea.  There is no way we could ever verify what happened. 

So why kill him on May 1, 2011?  That is the bigger question.  Is there a prophetic significance to it.  I think there is.  First of all May one is known as Mayday.  A major socialist holiday.  It was the day that the Illuminati was founded.  It is a time when Obama is at his lowest approval ratings.  The dollar is imploding.  The earth is in convulsions with earthquakes and tornadoes in record numbers. More importantly was the rumors being spread that there is 160 nukes buried under federal buildings around the country.  If Bin Ladin was ever killed they would be set off.  What is scary is that someone on the prophecy club prophesied  bombs going off in major U.S. Cities.  So with that scare they are talking about ramping up surveillance and checkpoints.  

We also have the third intifada being promoted for May 15.  This is a Palestinian uprising planned for that day against Israel.  Facebook has shut down several pages dedicated to it.   Now they have a martyr to fight for.  Nothing more powerful then a martyr.  Be sure to pray for Israel during those those weeks.  Which brings us to May 21.  Harold Camping is predicting this for Judgment day.  While I don't think that is the case, we could be looking at something very interesting for that day.  Since this is 6 days after May 15.   People are looking at this as Ezekiel 38.  I don't think so.  I think this is a Psalms 83 war and or Isaiah 17.  This could be the case if the Muslim Brotherhood takes Damascus. 

So if you want to study more on this subject I would recommend to learn about the false attack on Bin Ladin.  You can look at to learn what Harold Camping has to say about May 21. for the arguments against it.  And of course listen to blogtalkradio/rapturereadyradio for further information.  I was also on blogtalkradio/acmedia on Monday discussing this.  Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heart Problems

Many who follow this blog have already learned that that last week I had a heart attack.  It was a blessing from the Lord that I even survived.  The bull headed man that I am stayed away from the hospital for 36 hours.    Needless to say I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  We serve an awesome God who is mighty to save.  I got a good doctor and we got the job done.

Some have asked how they can help.  I set up a donate button to give directly to my paypal account.  The Hospital has been good to us on the billing. Some local Church's primarily mine and Fellowship Bible Church have been good in giving us food.  Right now I just need rest and recovery.  There are some things around the house and some errands that need help running.

Will be posting more later on subject.  Afterglow did not air last week on Rapture Ready Radio.  We will be back next week with a special guest I have lined up.  He had agreed to come on before the heart attack but because of his families support during this situation and his generosity to move the date another week, I want you to hear from him and get a chance to to know his heart and passion for the lost.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are going to Rapture Ready Radio

We are getting ready to bring our pre-trib activism to the airwaves in a live call in radio talk show on rapture ready radio.  The idea of the show is to put feet to our knowledge.  We know what is happening but what do we do about it.  I hope to talk to the listeners and get their feedback on the day at church, the lessons learned and how to apply it to our life.  The hardest part of knowing what to do is doing it.  On Afterglow, we will study the word to find out if the things that we are being taught are correct, how it is to be applied and where do we go from there.

I don't want to make the show about debate, though I am sure some will happen.  It is not about preterism vs futurism, though it may come up.  It is not about pre-trib vs post trib, though it may come up.  It is not about, Is Jesus ready for the rapture.    It is about are you ready for the rapture whether it comes tomorrow at 3:00am or if it comes in 3011.  Join us in the chat room.  Send me some email. and let's get your questions answered.  I am not the Bible answer man,  though I will attempt to answer your questions.  I am not your pastor though I feel your pain.    I am your friend who wants to see you Rapture Ready.

The Show will be on Sunday nights at 9:00 Central Time on

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt, Jordon, Middle East in turmoil

What is going on in the Middle East.  All of a sudden there is a upsurge of activity there.  Governments are being toppled and new leadership is coming to power.  In Egypt, Mubarak has is losing power while in Jordan, there have been reports of rioting along the southern part of the country. 

In Egypt we know that this has been building for some time.  In Jordan it is a not has heavy.  Both countries have been ruled for a long time by people that are not of that country.  Egypt has not had a true Egyptian ruling for millennium. It is an Arab country. In Jordon the Ruler is an Arab while the people are Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites.  It wouldn't surprise me if Jordon falls into the hands a local person. 

In Egypt there is a larger problem.  Who will rule that country.  The Bible has a lot of good to say about Egypt in the end days.  Same with Jordan.  Psalm 83 though mentions all the groups that are Jordon, Gaza, and Lebanon as players in that conflict.  Not Egypt.  The Heshimites in Jordon have an agreement with Israel.  If Jordan falls, that treaty will be null and void.  Egypt has a treaty with Israel that has been honored by Mubarak.  I would suppose that any successor would honor it.  The interesting thing about the reign of the Beast is that it is Daniel mentioned Jordan  as a place not ruled by the coming prince.  

So let's keep an eye on the situation.  There is much speculation as to what will happen and what won't happen.  Alex Jones quoting the Wall Street Journal is already claiming that the CIA already has its next puppet in place for Egypt.  One more step toward the end times.  Keep looking up. 

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