Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thomas Ice and non accreditated degrees.

Down below on one of my post the comment was made that Dr. Thomas Ice has an illegal doctorate from a small school in Texas.   Dr. Tommy Ice has a Doctorate from Tyndale Theological Seminary ( in Hurst Texas.  This happens to be a seminary that I have had some relations with.  I know Dr. Christopher Cone's Father.  Dr. Cone is the President of the school since 2006.  Yes this is a small seminary.  It is not as large as Dallas, Grace, Fuller, Southwest or other well known seminary.  The issue isn't about whether he earned it.  Which he did.  The issue as to whether the school can give a degree.  When it comes to religious education, who sets the standard for accreditation?  It cannot be the state.  We have a first amendment in America.  The Supreme court of Texas ruled as such and returned the fine that the school paid. 

The issue as to whether Thomas Ice's doctorate is recognized.  As a professor at Liberty University, he is recognized as having a Ph.D. by the school. 

I remember a debate a few years back over the degree that Dr. Kent Hovind earned from Patriot University( in Colorado.  This is another school that I have a relationship with.   Same situation.  The degree was earned.  The question is to whether the degree is recognized.  With no accreditation board, then the controversy is on.  There seems to be a degree of attack on the degree when the attacks on the work fall short.

Should Christians quit earning degrees from such small schools.  I don't think so.  The accreditation process often causes schools to compromise on principals.  It is the same thing about home schooling.  When a student finishes a course of study in a home school situation, did he/she earn the credit and the degree.  As long as the person did the work, he should be recognized as having the degree until it is proven that the school isn't giving a complete course. 

When you see the catalog of the schools and see the work that must be completed to get a degree sometimes you find that it is harder to get your degree this method then by going to an accredited school.  At an accredited school, the minimum standards are sometimes the only thing required.  When you attend and unaccredited school, they realize that you must perform better then the accredited school or you will not be recognized by anyone.  So as a result, their dissertation review can be more strict.  Their standards for passing classes can be tougher.   They cannot rely on their accreditation that keeps them in business.  They have to put out a superior product. 

If we are not allowed to study at an unaccredited school, then we are not allowed to do independent research. This blog encourages such.  The Bible says that you are to "Workout your own salvation with fear and trembling." Phil 2:12.  It is ultimately your responsibility to determine the truth.  Don't let someone say that you or someone else is a liar without first figuring out the source of it   Much of it is disinformation to try to confuse you.  The confusion is not of God.  It is of Satan.  So know your source and do your own research.  2 Tim 2:15.  "Study to shew yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. "

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Catholic Vote.

Interesting that the Catholics are going to wield their power in this election.  They have been working for years to play both sides against the middle.  Obama's top advisers during the first campaign were Jesuits.  Both VP candidates are Catholic.  What has happened different to make the Catholic Church come out against Obama.  The three items there are definitely issues.  But let just say.  Keystone Pipeline.  Destabilization of the Middle East.  Obama's attitude of putting the church under the state instead of the other way around.  The Dark ages were defined as a period where the Church crowned kings.  The Vatican must have the supreme position.  They liked Bush because he did "Bow the neck" to the Pope.  While Obama did it physically, he never did it in his policies.  He has to go.  Ever since the The Irish and Italian immigration of the late 1800's, the Church has been biding their time for such a moment as this.  As Romney wins with a strong Catholic vote, it will force Romney to "bow the neck" to the Vatican.  He will do what the church ask. 
Why is this important to prophecy? When you read "A woman rides the Beast" by Dave Hunt.  You realize that Revelation 17-18 as well as passages in Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel dealing with Babylon have a duel meaning for the city of Rome and the worst elements of the Catholic religion.  We can make the debate all day long as to who Babylon is but there is no doubt that the city with Seven hills mentioned in Revelation 17 is Rome.

So what is their beef in world Politics?  They want to rule over the kings of the earth.  Hitler was controlled by the Pope.  Napoleon was controlled by the Pope.  The future Anti-Christ will be controlled by the Pope.  It was only the Protestant British and Americans that brought down those   governments.  The Vatican has been working for years to try to bring down those two governments so that they will fall in line with the plans of the Vatican.  Both the Bushes and Reagan made many trips to Rome.  They gave Pope John Paul II  the credit for bringing down communism.  This was all a ruse to get other countries to pay homage to the Pope.  Vatican II Compromised a few catholic doctrines so that they could convince the world that they need to come together. Catholics will not compromise further.  Any  compromise in doctrine will be done by those who compromise with the church.  
This will be an interesting election.  Both VP candidates are Catholic.   The current and the previous speakers of the house are Catholic.  The current chaplain of the house is a Catholic.    Georgetown University, the closest school to the White House is run by Jesuit priest.  Your two most favorite talk show host on Fox, Sean Hannity and Bill O'rielly are Catholic.  Are you feeling surrounded yet?  You at least need to be concerned.  Abraham Lincoln defended a Catholic priest in a lawsuit against the church in 1856.  He paid for that with this life.  The country paid for it with a civil war.  "50 years in the church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy.  

In the game of who is really behind the NWO?  Watch the church. 

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