Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Same Sex Marriage is not a Right.

I hope this got your attention.  After all a lot of so called Christians today are defending the right of same sex couples to get married.  There is even a church that has gone as far as to refuse all weddings until such a point where they can perform same sex marriages as well as hetero sexual ones. 

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments as to whether or not they should rule on the constitutionality of laws such as DOMA, and California's Proposition 8.  Both cases are clearly areas in which the people ruled against same sex marriage and then government ruled against the acts.  With DOMA, Obama has chosen not to defend the law.  A violation of his oath, the picking and choosing of laws in which to enforce.  In Proposition 8, the Federal courts struck down the proposition after it was passed by a majority of people. 

My opinion on this is that Marriage was an institution created by God.  It was for creating children and for propogating the race.  It was not so two people could get benefits for the other.   Marriage is a serious thing.  The idea that you are going to stay with that person until death is a hard thing for many to swallow.  When one gets married, there is intimecy which many times leads to children.  Those children need to be raised and that requires a team effort.  Traditionally, the man goes out and earns a living, job, business, hunting etc, while the woman stays home keeps the house and raises the children.  The institution was first attacked by Woman's lib, when the woman wanted to go and work next to men.  Can a woman do a better job then a man a certain jobs.  Absolutely, she can.  Many of the best managers I know are woman.  That is why they were the ones several generations ago managing the house.  A man can do one thing and do it better then a woman.  A woman can perform many task well at the same time. Most who cook at home are woman but the best chef's in the world are men.  Just a fact.

I am not sure where the idea of granting a license first came about.  You get a room of six single men and six single woman together. It won't be long, if they are normal before they are pairing off.  In ancient times, they just start a family and go from there.  Eventually elaborate ceremonies were developed around the pairing off.  The church got involved when they decided that God needed to enforce the vows they make to each other.  Roman priest were brought in and now the institution belonged to the church.  Eventually the state wanted their piece of the pie and a marriage license was invented.  Employers wanted to give workers benefits but since the wife didn't work and was at home with the children, the employer was generous and extended those benefits to the family at home that was not able to work yet.   Now with same sex marriage, those benefits would extend to same sex partners.

Here is the crux.  when there are no children at home, both can get a job.  Same sex couples generally make more money then hetero sexual couples.  Therefore both can get benefits from their individual jobs. So why are they asking for the right to marry?  I think the plot is more sinister then that.  Like I said before it is an attack on Marriage.  It is an attack on family.  These attacks have been going on now for a long time.  First it was the woman's rights.  Then it was Abortion.  Where we are killing off the next generation.  Now it is homosexual marriage.  We have always had wars that decimated the family.  We are not looking at worse. 

Paul, in 2 Timothy3:1  says that in the last days, perilous times will come.  I think to day is very perilous.  He has a long list of sins that One of with is without natural affection.  Today's christian church is switching to pro homosexual agenda.  I want to know who is not reading their Bible but merely following the whims of man.  With the outrage in the social media, I can definitely say this scripture is being fulfilled.  God help this country.  Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because God could not find 10 righteous people.  Since Lot was not pure himself, Amman and Moab, who should have been friends with Israel became a thorn in the flesh. Read the story of the Angel of the Lord's visit to Sodom.  Ask yourself if that is not how today's homosexual acts.  Then ask yourself.  Are we headed to the same destruction in America.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bashar Al Assad is Dead

Bashar Al Assad with King Juan Carlos and Prince Filipe of Spain.
Reports are coming out of Damascus that Bashar Al Assad has died.  Israeli News Agency is reporting that they have confirmed that he was shot at point blank range by a body guard on Saturday night.   He was rushed to a Damascus hospital and he died on the operating table.

This would be big news.  Bashar Al Assad is one of the leading candidates for Antichrist.  He also died two days before Passover.  Interesting coincident.  Revelation 13:3 says that one of his heads was wounded unto death and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the Beast.  The thing to watch for now is his rising from the dead. 

If he stays dead.  What are we looking at?  This is one more king to fall for the Arab Spring.  With Lybia, Egypt and now Syria.  That would make three kings that have fallen.  So you now have to look at who is behind the rebels to find out who is the AC.  If you look at it like that.  Alex Jones contends that it is the US CIA that created Al Kaida.  If the US created, and is backing it then you have to say Obama is the Beast.  We'll he hasn't taken his bullet in the head yet.  He has not been revealed as the AC.

Obama did make a trip to Israel and Jordan last week.  Visiting with Netinyahu, Abbas and King Abdula.  Reports are and they are unconfirmed, that Obama ordered the hit on Assad while there.  Anyway, the reason for the visit was to create the two state solution and promote peace and security.  1 Thes 5:3 warns us about anyone saying peace and safety.  Watch out for sudden destruction.  I can promise you sudden destruction this week somewhere. 

Keep watching the skies.  We have a lot of asteroid activity.  The sun has a coronal hole facing the earth.  That creates an earthquake watch.  All the Big ones of late have happened when a coronal hole faced the earth. 

We live in interesting days.  Keep looking up.  Your redemption is drawing nigh.  Get right with God today.  We might not have a tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Papa in Rome

Ok, We are protestant and it is all about the pretrib rapture but let's give a big welcome to Pope Francis.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires Argentina.  So what does this mean and is it prophetic? 

As you know I have been following the Prophecy of the Popes by St Malarchy supposedly from the 1100's brought to light in the 1500s.  Every Pope since that time has seemed to follow the prophecy.  On first blush, this man does not follow the pattern.  The prophecy says that he will be Peter the Roman who leads his flock through great tribulation and the dreadful judge will judge his people then the end will come.

Does he fit Peter the Roman.  Well let's look.  He is from Argentina and Peter is nowhere in any of his names, not even the name he took as Pope.  So a lot of people are saying, there you have it prophecy broken throw it out.  We're done.  Are we?

Looking at his biography in Wikipedia it says he was born in Argentina from Italian immigrants.  He was born in on December 17, 1936.  So his parents moved probably after World War I.  Don't have that story yet.  This was a period where a lot of Italians were coming to America.  But did his parents come from Rome? Good question.  We'll have to wait for the Biography to find out. 

The other question is why did Malachy call the final pope Peter the Roman?  Is that the correct way to translate Petrus Romanus?  Should it be instead the Rock of Rome. Is this the man that will stand firm as Rome Burns?  We will have to wait and see on history.  Those who are writing off the prophecy too fast are doing so at their peril.  It could still come true.  If he leaves office and nothing happens then we could be looking at something else.  The last Pope is not numbered so could there be a parenthesis before the last Pope?  This adds to the immanency of the rapture.  We don't know the day or hour.  God has postponed it before.  The man of sin won't be revealed until he that hindereth is taken away. 

Here is another aspect which I saw immediately.  He is a Jesuit.  The Jesuits now have the chaplaincy of the House of Representatives so they are gaining in power.   The Jesuits were the primary instigators of the inquisition.  They were also feared by many in Europe for being assassins.  Of course speculation is that the Jesuits were behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Read Charles Chiniquy's 50 Yeas in the Church of Rome for his accusations on that.   Anyway, they have long held their leader in the Vatican as the Black Pope.  Wearing black robes, he has manipulated the White Pope in many of his decisions. 

Much to watch.  The Jury is still out.  We'll get back on this as we learn more.

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