Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court has blown it.

What a week for those who watch the supreme court.  This has been the week that we have waited for for a long time.  Small and large decisions all are on the wrong side if you are a conservative Christian activist. 

The beginning was a small decision but is quite interesting where an American born in Jerusalem was not allowed to put Israel on his passport.   This marks the way for Jerusalem to be an international city instead as Netenyahu so amply put it "our capital".    In other words it is the our state department that determines what is in what country and not the countries themselves or the individual requesting the passport that can determine what is in what country.   Our president has decided that Jerusalem is not in Israel and the Supreme court upheld it.

The next one was on the Affordable Health care act better known as Obamacare.  Again it was Justice Roberts to the rescue along with Justice Kennedy this time.  I have mixed opinions on this one.  On one hand I want this law shot down faster then a speeding bullet.  But so many companies have spent so much money to be in compliance I hate to see it shot down on this one issue.  The whole thing needs rewritten. What Roberts did was say that  poorly written piece of law can be rewritten by bureaucratizes to make it work.   Read into that dictatorship by the executive branch.  In the dissenting opinion Scalia, wrote that it should be sent back to the legislative to be rewritten and not be written from the bench. 

The final one is the most disturbing to me.  That is the issue of Gay marriage.   I don't have a problem with LBGT people and I don't have a problem with them living together.  Some of my best workers have been in that lifestyle.  What has happened is that they are bullying there way onto the stage.  Texas and other states have all voted that gay marriages would not be recognized in their states.    The matter of who is and who isn't married is a matter religion, tradition and conscience.  It is not a matter that we can say poof and now anyone can marry anyone.  This leads to all kinds of bedlam and already has.  People marrying  their pets.  Old men and 14 year old girls.  Polygamy, etc.  All of which God said was an abomination.  God created marriage as 1) a way of procreation.  Only a man and a woman can have a baby.  Even in ancient Greece when homosexuality was rampant.  The men all went home to their wives to have children after being with their same sex lover at the bath house.   2) It is a picture of Christ and the church as Ephesians 4 says.  God used the Husband wife relationship to show how he and the church were to operate.  Of course the Devil is always trying to subvert everything in the Bible and this time he has. 

I will probably write on this further in later post but we need to keep an eye on the reaction to this.  Newtons laws of physics operate in the political and religious world as well.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.   I believe that if I read Romans 1 correctly is that God has written off the United States.  To allow us to have the leadership that we have along with the supreme court that we have and the road they have taken us down is a sad one.  I don't think we have much time left.   Either persecution will tear us apart or an outside force will.   Now is the time to repent America.  Before it is too late. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Earth is on fire

Kathmandu.  The capital of Nepal experience a 7.8 earthquake in the early morning hours of Saturday morning.  As of this writing there is 2500 dead. 17 are reported dead in the Mt Everest slopes due to avalanche if though it is hundreds of mile from the epicenter.  One of them is Google executive Dan Freidenberg.  He and two other Google employees were on the mountain.

The timing of this earthquake is very interesting.   We just had blood moon number three of the 2014/15 tetrad.    We had the total eclipse of the sun.  Now this major earthquake. We also have no less then seven volcanoes going off around the world.   The Sun has been exploding this week and the planets are joining in. 

One of the theories is that the rapture will happen at Pentecost.  Pentecost is May 23-25 on western calendars.  Sometimes known as the feast of weeks, of Shavuot.  seven weeks after passover.  It is the most gentile of the Jewish festivals.  It was the beginning of the church.  Theory is that it will be the end of the church as well.  Here is to theory.  We don't know the day or the hour but we can lay greater odds on that day. 

Apostasy abounds, ISIS on the march, Earthquakes on the rise.  Famines, Pestilences.   We don't have much time.  Get your life right with Jesus today. 

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