Saturday, September 26, 2009

John Tyler Teacher Dies

On Wednesday, May 23, John Tyler High School Teacher Todd Henry died of a stab wound.  One of his students brought a knife with him to school that morning and before 9:00 Mr Henry had been stabbed by the student.  He later died at a local hospital.   The student was arrested and will probably be tried as an adult though he is currently in the juvenile detention facility.

Most of what I wrote is old news by now.  Our hearts go out to the Henry family and those who knew him best.  Henry was a musician who played guitar for several local bands and played on Sunday mornings at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler.  His soul is in the Lord's hand and since I don't know him and even if I did, my bet is he is in Heaven but it is not my place to decide his fate.  That is up to God alone. 

What I will bring up is the Issue of public schools.  After the incident there were several parents on TV talking about the lack of security at the school.  They talked about how gangs rule in the school and that there are fights almost every day.  They mentioned that children are afraid to go to school and the administration wasn't lifting a finger to do anything about it.

They are lifting a finger now.   When the incident happened, the school by procedure went into lock down.   Every student was to stay in the classroom they were in when the lock down occurred.  When the situation was under control and we didn't have a mass murder situation going on, the school brought the buses and released children to their parents as they came to pick them up.

Thursday morning, the school opened with all the security it could muster as a show of force to the public that the situation was being handled.  The question is now is it enough or have we already entered a path that is bad for the schools and the country.

Tyler and most of East Texas are still in the Bible belt.  No school activities are planned for Wednesday night so kids and parents can attend Wednesday activities at church.  There are never any Sunday activities so that people can attend church.  Churches very in culture in Texas from the Strict time schedules of many of the White churches that have to be out in time to see the Cowboys play at 12:00 to the less strict Black church's that will sometimes pause a service, have pot luck and come back to finish a service sometimes late in the afternoon. To say the least, church life is important.  When I worked at McDonald's, I hardly say any business between 10:30 and 12:15 on Sunday mornings.

So why is our schools getting so dangerous?  First, I'll have to say the drug problem.  Drugs are big in most areas with a poor population.  When I was younger, I would run through many neighborhoods that today would be unthinkable because of the drugs.  Revelation talks about people not repenting of their sorceries.  The word in the Greek is pharmacia.  The word we get pharmacy.  Drugs are an end time problem according to scripture.

The other problem is the fact that because of the taking of God out of the public schools, we have taken our children out of public schools.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not advocating sending your kids to public schools.  I am saying that without salt and light in the public arena, the darkness gets blacker.  That is not a racial statement by the way.  Since God has been taken out of the public school we are now subject to the curses that God has placed on the institution for leaving him.  School was originally the place that we were to learn the Bible.  The purpose of reading was to learn the Bible.  The purpose of writing was to take notes on the Bible. The purpose of math was so we can do the numbers.  The purpose of History was we could learn from our mistakes.  The public schools in this country have lost that focus and as such gone into social skills.  An arena that should be taught by parents, not by teachers.

So is the answer Christian schools?  I don't think so.  Some of them know their purpose and do an adequate job in performing them.  Some of them are nothing more then public schools with prayer.  I have known many schools that have taken children that have been expelled from public schools.  This is a very dangerous thing.  I understand the power of God to change a life.  You cannot expect God to do it every time.  When the child refuses to accept the life changing power of God, he then becomes a problem to your school.  As a sports official I have seen more unsportsmanlike acts in Christian schools then in public.

So what is the answer?  My personal preference is home schooling.  For many of you this is a great option.  You have a stay at home wife that is more then willing to run your home school with care and love.  With the support of a great husband it can be a wonderful thing.  Check and see a homeschool that worked very well.  Some don't have the option.  Both parents have to work.  That is a sad thing in this culture.  Before you quit your job to start homeschooling you have to count the cost.  Can we live on the lower income.  I dare say in many cases it is a yes.  You don't have to buy new clothes, put gas in the car, etc.  You will have to make sure your house as adequate room for children to do school work.  Have extra computers and text books.   You don't have to have and education degree.  Just access to great study guides.  You may be surprised how much you learn.  You may find out you can be "smarter than a fifth grader"

Whatever option you decide on.  Remember to do it with prayer and much investigation.  If you don't think homeschooling is for you, get to know the schools in your area and find out who has a good reputation and who has a bad one.  Get to know your children's teachers and getting to know the security officers wouldn't hurt either.  I know one of the officers at one large high school and he is a great man.  I also know the superintendent at a different school.  He and I grew up together.   Find out what it is going on and keep informed.  Education is your responsibility no matter what the NEA says.  Stay on top of your children's homework and on top of what is being taught.   If you stay informed then your children will grow up to be better children. Always be there for your children. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Moore and Capitalism

The Question that Michael Moore brings up is "What would Jesus Do?"  Let me remind you that Jesus did not live in our day and age so any answer to that is Hypothetical.  You have to look at scripture and say: Is there a Biblical principal that applies?

The American way as we know it now is when you go in business, you form a corporation and raise a ton of money. You hire hundreds of people and start producing.  You form a corporation because of the tax and liability laws.  You could be starting small and just create a board of directors for your corporation and file for a corporation.  Build your business.  As you start to be successful and you need funding for more projects, you sell a part of your business to either a large investor or take it to wall street and sell stock to raise the money.  There are bonds that can be sold as well as bank loans to take on to raise funds for the growth of your company.

What is the biblical way?  You can't look at Jesus.  He had nothing to say.  Moses had plenty to say and Jesus said he came to fulfill the law.  So what does Moses have to say?  First there is no corporations.  All businesses are sole proprietorships.  Under today's laws we could go with an S corporation.   I am not sure that we are to create a business so large that we need to hire hundreds of employees.  The early American model has a sole proprietor taking on an apprentice and then teaching him the trade.  The biblical model goes on to limit the amount of money that can be borrowed by forgiving all debts on the year of jubilee.  

If you look at the year of Jubilee it is a wonderful thing.  If you really want to know what Jesus would do you have to look at this.  The year of jubilee, all the debts are forgiven, the slaves are released, and everyone who had to sell his land, gets it back.  This puts everyone back to a level playing field every 50 years.   I mentioned that our founders intended to do this when the country was founded.  The Verse for Leviticus 25 is found on the liberty bell.  It cracked exactly 50 years after the country was founded.  The year that should have been a Jubilee but wasn't.

So what is Michael Moore trying to do by attacking capitalism.  I know he is trying to get us to rethink our stand on the issue.  Is greed good?  Michael Douglas tried to convince us of this in his movie "Wall Street" back in the 80's.  If you saw that movie you know in the end he fell on his own greed.  Of course the ten commandments specifically mentions coveting as a sin.

What Michael Moore doesn't want to admit is that the Bible never gives the means of production or the responsibility for caring for everyone's every need to the Government.  By giving it to the government, you create a super corporation that will oppress the people more.  The warning came up when the people in I Samuel asked for a king.  He said he would take all your money and all your children for his service.  The idea of having a president instead of a king is that the people looking to God is the sovereign.  God ask for your complete allegiance.   When you have a powerful government, they expect your total loyalty.  That is why Nero persecuted Christians. God's plan is for the government to be small and the people to look to God for guidance.

So to go back to what would Jesus do?  He owned his own carpentry business.  Then he became a freelance preacher.  He surrounded himself with people who were capable of raising money. Fishermen, tax collectors, etc.   He never worked for anyone as an indentured servant.  He never became an employee.  He never borrowed money.  I don't even see him taking a collection in scripture.  I know he he did watch the giving practices in the temple and synagogues.  When he needed to pay a tax, he found the money.  When he needed to have a service done he was able to find someone to donate the service.  We know Judas was the group treasurer and they had some money.  He taught.  He preached. He healed the sick, lamb and blind.

When it came to businesses relating to religion, he overthrew the money changers at the temple.   To understand the story.   The moneychangers were there selling animals and changing money so that it would be acceptable to the priest.  The priest would reject whatever a person brought and just like buying ski pants at the slopes, the animals sold in the court of the gentiles was five to ten times more expensive then buying it back in your hometown.    Jesus greatly disliked the practice.

I say that Jesus would advocate that every man owned there own business, planted his own field, and sold his own products in the marketplace.   He would advocate that every man use certified scales so that no man is cheated in his sale.  That loans would not have a high usury.  That a man did not own hundreds of servants but would hire seasonally when he needed a harvest done.  That every year when your harvest, or ship came in that you gave your ten percent to the priest in the temple.  That the offering would be acceptable within reason.  That you  leave a portion of your field so that the poor could go through it and pick their own food. This practice of not allowing people to pillage through Land Fills is not good.

What Jesus is looking for is not a system that makes you buy Gold and Silver from the world.  What he wants is that you buy Gold and Silver from God,  tried in the fire.  Revelation 3:18.  So as you go to watch Michael Moore's new film or listen to him on the talk show circuit,  read Leviticus first.   Learn what God really expects from a business man.  Read the history of business and discover what the founders expected from us as we started building large businesses with Wall Street.  Michael Moore has a point, but his conclusion is wrong.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Immigration and the Church

It is interesting how it is politically correct among conservatives to be against immigration.  Of course we want to say we are against Illegal immigration but it almost seems like we are against all immigration.  Of course if this is true then you are against the immigration that brought your for-fathers to the shores of this country.

The attitude I am seeing is that since I was here first, then you don't belong here.  This is true whether we are talking about carpetbaggers from the north after the civil war or Mexicans coming up from the Rio Grande, or Pakistanis coming to get away from the War in their country.  We don't want to see them coming in a ruining our neighborhoods and taking our jobs.  I can recall moving back to Texas after living in Colorado for thirteen years.  Before I changed the license plates, I did something stupid on the road and this old lady yells at me. "Why don't you go back to where you came from."  I almost yelled back. "Good to be back home."

The latest push is against the Mexicans.  But I noticed in many parts of the country we have Chinese on the West coast.  Arab's on the east coast.  Many are coming from Eastern Europe and from Africa.

In the case of the Mexicans, they come in speaking spanish.  The do all the menial labor jobs at minimum wage.  They buy the poor housing.  They somehow pay cash at Wal-mart for that three hundred dollar purchase.

As a christian, what is our response to this group.  How should we be responding to this influx of people.  First of all remember that your ancestors were once immigrants too.  They have a lot to over come.  We have groups out there saying that we should be pushing for English only.  That is great.  But is that practical?  If you have English only, then we will have people who have absolutely no idea of what to do because they don't know the language. 

Most of the Mexican's that are here are also practicing Catholics.  Oh, no.  They aren't even our religion.  Many of these people work two and three jobs.  They have large families.  Some just come up here without their families and are sending the money they make home.

What is your church doing about the situation?  I can tell you that many of the mainline church's are just out there preaching against the illegal immigration.  What is the correct response?  I can tell you what my church is doing and what many Catholic and Baptist church's are doing.  To those in the church of  Philadelphia and in the church at Thyatyra we know the correct response is to reach out to them.

What my church is doing is offering a Course in English as a Second Language(ESL).  What I am seeing in many churches is a Spanish service or a ministry of serving the needs of those people.  We have a lot of people out there that think that taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth means that we need to go deep, dark Africa.  I'm sorry but that part of the world has been reached.  What needs to be reached is that group of people that is coming to the United States from deep, dark Africa.

If you and your church doesn't have a ministry, now is the time to start one.  This is the perfect opportunity to reach those people.  So no matter where you live in this country, you have your own little mission field right there living next door to you or your church.  You have the opportunity.  You can complain or you can do something.  I promise you that liberals are doing what they can for these people and we will lose them.  But if you do what you need to do and reach out to these people, they can be won for the Kingdom.

You need to think about why they are here.  They are here because they think that America has something that the country they came from doesn't.  Most of them think it is the economy.  The truth is they need Jesus.  We have the answer and they need you to tell them.

In the words of our president.  "This is your time. This is your moment."  You have a chance to make a difference.  You can make help that Muslim, Buddhist or Catholic with love and compassion.  You can help him acclimate to the new culture they moved into.  You can win him with Love. We can do it as the church or we can leave it to ACORN to do.  Let's get the job done.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Rosh Hoshanah

Happy New Year.  I don't care if it is the Jewish New Year, dropping the ball or the Chinese new year, I love new years celebrations.  To me it is a chance to clean the slate and start over again.

Rosh Hoshanah is a special for many reasons.  It represents the fact that some 5770 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth. We discussed that on a previous blog.  It is significant that God started the clock at this time.  I am not sure I agree with the number the Jews came up with but it is interesting they have a number when the rest of the world says that the world is billions of years old.

There is the astrological aspect of the holiday.  It is the reason for scheduling two days.  When the priest sees the first sliver of the new moon, and another priest confirms it, the next day becomes the first day of the new month.  Today with the sophisticated astrological charts we know when it is going to happen but the Jews still schedule two days for the holiday.  Of course, if it happens on a cloudy day or at night then they say that no man knows the day or the hour.

In English it is called the festival of trumpets.  It is a time for blowing trumpets, the shofar,  and announcing a new year.  Over the years there have been those who take the idea of trumpets and the I Thessalonians queue that the rapture will happen at the last trump, to say that rapture will happen on Rosh Hoshanah.  Whether this is true or not will be up to God.  Those of us who believe in the immanency of the rapture know that it doesn't depend on a holiday but on a time of God, the Father's choosing.  It is fun however to look at video's and blogs that have an explanation why it will happen this year on Rosh Hoshanah.  Knowing God's sense of humor, he will come next week when no one is expecting.  "Behold I come as a thief in the night"

Whatever your reason for celebrating the new year.  Have some apples and honey, blow your horn and get ready for a great year.  And if the Youtube videos are correct and we get raptured this weekend, then I will be as happy as anyone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Post Millenial Foundations

One of the reason's I started this blog was the accusations from Post Millenialist that we in the Pre Mill camp are somehow undermining this country.  I have done a lot of study into the history of this country and I find that the Post Trib camp had the upper hand through most of the first 150 years of the country.

When I read the history of George Washington, he equated winning the revolutionary war with Israel taking the promised land.  We wrote often of every man in his army being able to go home and "sit under his own vine and fig tree."  A statement Joshua used in reference to his army.

We find that the founding father's intended for us to have a year of Jubilee as outlined by Moses.  It is said that the liberty bell cracked when that did not happen 49 years later.  There was a speech made in congress in the 1800's talking about a future Russian attack on the U.S. based on Ezekiel 38 and 39.

It is important to note that the founders of this country were intending for it to bring in the Reign of Christ.  That God was to be our King.  They had every intention of being the ones who brought in the messiah.

Of course to make this work you have to have a replacement theology.  Israel is the Church and United States is the Kingdom.  What happened to all of that?  Why is that no longer the "Popular" opinion in this country?

Several things happened.  First, The Civil war.  The Civil war brought such deep hatred into this country.  There were many who taught the civil was was the tribulation.  When it ended in four years instead of seven and then followed by many years of hardship in the south, the idea was abandoned.  If Lincoln was the Antichrist then he didn't recover from his head wound. 

The next thing that happened was World War I.  It was suppose to be the war that ended all wars.  When they finished they tried to establish a League of Nations.  It was a miserable failure.  First because of lack of U.S. involvement and second because of the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler changed a lot of things.  He brought out the basest in man.  He showed how low one would go to prove he was superior.  He Killed six million Jews but more importantly Killed many many more on the battles fields of the world and in his death camps.  We somehow focus on the Jews, but he killed anyone that wasn't white and blond.  There were many during that time that believed Mussolini, Hitler's co conspirator, was the Antichrist and Hitler was the false prophet.

The final nail in the coffin for the Post Millennialist was Israel.  When Israel became a nation in 1947, the world took notice of a fulfillment of prophecy.  For centuries the church had held that God had forgotten about Israel and that the church had replaced Israel as the heir of promise.  Now Bible scholars searched the scripture to see what that meant.  Ezekiel 36 predicts the return of Israel and it happened literally.

What they found that it meant was that God still had a plan for Israel.  Romans 9-11 lays out that plan in the church age.  If God had a plan for Israel, then where is the church during the book of Revelation after chapter 4?  There is the mention of 144,000 and now scholars were beginning to believe that they were actual Jews not 144000 Christians.  If the church is not mentioned after Revelation 4 then they must be in heaven.   If they are in heaven that how did they get there?  The answer was in I Thessalonians 4:17. The words "caught up" is the Greek word  harpatzo.  Translated into Latin as rapturo.  Which we get our English word, rupture.

Now the Post Millennialist has a problem.  In order for us to get this world in order for the Messiah's return they have to take back control of this country and it's policies so that once again it is doing God's bidding.  They have taken very strongly to blogging and to the airways trying to stir up activism amongst Christians to take this country back.    The pre-tribber is just sitting back saying.  "Come quickly Lord Jesus".

Since we don't have the urgancy of the Post Millennialist, we are now the bad guys.  They have been very strong in debunking Pre Millennialist in general and Pre Tribulationalist in particular.  They want to destroy all hope that God is coming back for his own and that we have a job to now to get the country back in shape.

Let me remind you that we are not of this world.  Jesus said in John 14, "In this world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." It is not our job to overcome the world.  It is God's job.

We are not here to stir up controversy.  The controversy already has been stirred.  They tell us not to watch the newspapers for sign of his coming.

Luke 21:28 says, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

That is why in my news section, I have certain items to read.   Read Luke 21 and find out what we need to look for.

Since the Post Millennialist need the country back in order to usher in the Kingdom, is it our job to help them?  First of all we need to remember this countries foundations.  We were founded as a Christian nation and when we did we accepted the blessings and the curses as found in Deuteronomy.  Since the country is turning it's back on those foundations, it is our job to rescue the culture.  The strategy we use may be different then the strategy the Post Millennialist, but our mission should be the same.  Why we do it is different but that we do it needs to remain in tact.

Let me remind you that taking this country back requires that we take back the people of this country not just it's officials.  We live in a country of the people, by the people and for the people and if the people aren't with us then we can do nothing.  If God is not with us we can do absolutely nothing.

I was reminded last night listening John MacArthur, that Jesus' first act after coming through the gates of Jerusalem on a donkey was not to march on the governor's palace but to march on the Temple.  We need to get our act together in the church.  Judgment begins in the house of God.  Once we become the church again, we can start seeing soul's saved.  When we see soul's saved, then we can see the country turned around.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

In the Beginning

It is interesting to note that the Bible doesn't start with: "Millions of years ago", or "A long time ago in a land far away".  Instead it starts with in the Beginning.  There is no date set.  There is no location set.  It just says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  There are many places in the Bible that talk about "God the creator".  There are many other places talking about Him as the "Creator of all".

Any discussion of the end times must begin with a discussion of the beginning.   If you do no learn the lesson's of history you are doomed to repeat them. If we cannot agree on how the earth began, then how are we to agree on how the earth will end.

The atheist who run our schools and Universities have their method of teaching.   It is called Evolution.  It basically says that through random events and over millions and billions of years and with many failed mutations, the planet evolved small life forms that eventually became larger life forms.  I am not going to go into why this is false.  Many excellent Blogs and web sites have been dedicated to proving this theory wrong.  I am not here to debate with the fool. Psalms 14:1. 

Many Christians however have not only given it lip service but have bought some if not all of the lies that the Evolutionist have taught.  They have used the Gap Theory and the Day Age theory to support their ideas.  Again, this blog is not about bashing those who are genuinely christian but disagree with me on some of the fine points of history and eschatology.

The Gap theory has room to operate, only in that you don't put Dinosaurs during the gap.  The only thing you could put is Angelic beings.  Romans says that death came through sin and sin entered the world through Adam.  Before Adam there was no death.  The scientific evidence places the dinosaur extinction about the time of the great flood.   Any other disaster would not have fossilized the bones in such great numbers.

The Day Age theory however may have a scientific Allie:  Albert Einstein's law of relativity.  As you know that we live in a four dimensional state.

Ephesians 3:18 "May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; "  

The term for depth involves extent or time.  We all move along a continuum of time.  Yet God is outside of Time.  God works outside of all dimensionality he has created to give us space to work.  Physics now tells us that there could be as many as 11 dimensions.

So how does this fit into the idea of a Day/Age theory or a 6 day creation theory?  Well, since the theory is so strange, it could be find at a chance to reconcile the two ideas.  Could God have created the Universe over billions of years and still done it in 6 day?.  Interesting idea.  We know that God has predestined individuals unto salvation yet it is a free choice.  The Calvinist Armenian debate can be solved by just using a bigger God operating outside of time.  We know that Yashua Benyoseph(Jesus son of Joseph) and Yashua Bendavid (Jesus son of David) are one and the same.  We know that he was fully God and Fully man at the same time.

In theory we know that if you take an individual and send him to Alpha Centauri at the speed of light, it will take him approximately 4.3 years to get there and 4.3 years to get back.  The trip will take him 8.6 years.  Yet when he got home, he will find all his classmates approximately 32 years older.  That is because time warps over space based on mass.

A mathematician recently ran the numbers and guess what 13 Billion years of Cosmic time turned out to be only 6 days on earth.  Taking the mass of the universe, a known number, and the mass of the earth.

I am still trying to digest the numbers and it's meanings.  It could help explain a lot of what we have had a hard time explaining in debates with evolutionist.

Isiah 40:22: It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in

Isiah was one of only two people who actually had a chance to visit the third heaven and returned to tell about it.  The other being Paul.  Enoch and Elijah did not return.  I will be referring much to Isiah through out this blog.  He has great insights on the nature and character of God.

If God took so long to create the universe yet it was 6 days here on earth,  what else don't we understand?

Isiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

If we don't understand his creation and even how he did it then how are we to understand his return?  We have to take it on faith.  The major problem with doctrines over the last few centuries is that people just didn't have the faith to look beyond what they know.  I mentioned the Calvinist debate. It applies to other area's where Christians strongly disagree such as the pre-trib, post-trib, pre-mill, a-mill debate.

Could it be that at the rapture, we spend seven days in space eating the marriage supper of the lamb and when we return it has been seven years on earth?  The tribulation is described as the seventieth week of Danial. It is just speculation, but is something to think about.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The concept of salvation has not been very well defined by today's christian community. When most people hear the question of "Are you Saved?" The response is "Saved from what?" That is a very important question and one that needs to be addressed. The typical answer by my Independent Baptist friends are to take the person down the "Romans Road." So what are we saved from on that route? Saved from Sin. Why Sin? Sin leads to death. We die so what? What is death? Now you have to explain to the prospective convert that death is eternal separation from God. Salvation must now be explained as how to get in a right relationship with God as to not achieve this separation.

With this beginning we must define sin. Defining sin in the christian community can be a sticky Issue. When I took Christian Doctrine course in college, it was defined as falling short of the mark. When I left college I attended a church that told me that sin was the willful disobedience to the known commands of God. Both definitions are good but I believe that the second definition makes one think he is living a sinless life when in fact he is not. But before we saw the law, Romans 2:15 tells us that the Law is written in our hearts.  So I am without excuse even when I don't know the law.

Being saved from sin now has a new meaning. Why must we be saved from our sin? Is it just the separation from God? I say no. Romans 1:18 talks about the wrath of God. John the Baptist asked the Pharisees, "Who warned you to flee the wrath that is to come?"

The problem is not just our own inequities but it is the sin that surrounds us. It is everywhere and it is prominent. When Billy Sunday would preach a revival, it would shut down bars and clubs all over an area. There was genuine repentance. Today, It is almost the Urban Cowboy scenario where you wake from from a hangover at the bar from Saturday night and stagger into a church on Sunday morning.

There is a wrath coming upon America, and the rest of the world. Our job as Christians is 1) Save ourselves from the wrath 2) Rescue individuals from that coming wrath. 3) Save the society from the wrath.

We save ourselves by being about the mission of God. God says occupy until I come. We are not to be selling all our goods, and sitting on a mountain top and waiting for his return. We are to be about God's business.

We are to rescue individuals. God wants us in society dealing with people on in a one on one bases trying to save some. I Cor 9:11.

God wants us to rescue society because he really doesn't want to have to pour out his wrath. I truely believe that the election of Ronald Reagan as president in 1980 turned back the wrath of God. This country was poised for a judgment in 1980 and the prophesy writers were ready to write this country off. It didn't happen. Why? God's people humbled themselves, prayed, sought the face of God and elected a Godly man to be president.

It is now thirty years later. We have the most ungodly leadership this country has seen. We have a congress led by ungodly people. Most of the president's men are ungodly. The president while claiming to be a christian has broken most of if not all of his promises already and is lying about current legislation. God is poised again to judge this country. Will we have a third chance? I don't know. I pray that we do. But in case we don't we need to be about the business of rescuing some.

Katrina, Rita, Ike, 9/11, Oklahoma City have all been warning shots across the bow. Now we are in an Economic crisis. Unemployment is the highest it has eve been since the days of Carter. Walmart has laid off the smiley guy who lowers prices.  If we aren't in a judgment, I don't want to see the real thing.

Our pre-tribulation beliefs don't excuse us from engaging the culture. It should get us about the task of engagement because we have an urgency about the hour. We know that this country's time is short. We know that God has a plan and a purpose for each life. We know that God has a final solution for this ungodly age.

We can still find ourselves with more chance if like in Nineveh, the King and all those that he has control over repents. We will still have those who will weep if that happens. We must get out an save the culture one soul at a time.

So to answer the question of what are we saved from? We are saved from our sins. We do not incur a separation from God through death. We are saved from the wrath that is to come.

New to blogging

This will be my first post on a blog. Never thought much of blogging before. It seems to be an effective tool. The whole idea of the Pre-Trib Activist is one of wonder at what fallacies the people of God are blaming on the pre-trib, security of the believer and other correct doctrines.

The problem is not in the doctrine but in the application of doctrine. I plan to explore some of these myths in this blog. This blog is not intended to stir up division in the church. It is not intended to stir up decisiveness among brethren. I use the term brethren generically since I do write from a Grace Brethren point of view. The idea is to open the mind of all Christians to what is the depth and width and height and breadth of God. What is it that God wants from us? What is God's plan for us and how are we to respond to it.

I mention that I am Grace Brethren. The formal definition is the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. We are an independent group of churches who broke off from the Church of the Brethren in the Early part of the 20th century. Dr. Alva J. McClain lead a group of men from Ashland College, that the Church of the Brethren ran, and started there own seminary, Grace College and Seminary, after the leadership of Ashland decided that it was against the churches best interest to educate clergy and other issues. Dr. McClain went on to be one of the editors in the New Scofield bible and many prominent men form the seminary have served on other Bible translation and notes projects.

I however have not attended seminary but have a B.S. in computer science and engineering with a minor in mathematics from LeTourneau University in Longview Texas. I did come one course short of a Bible minor. The one course I was lacking is Romans. My pastor was teaching through Romans during my final semester of college and I later coached a Bible quiz team through the book. I think I could CLEP out of the course.

Most recently I have begun to preach every fourth Sunday night at the Grace Brethren Church in Longview, TX. I have also been bringing a bible study at prayer meeting on Wednesday night. What is the difference between preaching and Bible study? I may shout one more time at you during a preaching session. I am also looking for audience participation during a Bible study. I have coached youth group Bible quizzing and college age Sunday School.

I hope through this blog that you will find yourself challenged to think and to act and to do according to the mandates of scripture. Don't expect for me to stay within the confines of prophesy or politics. I may just start meddling in what you are not pleasing God by doing. I want to challenge your world view.

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