Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How close are we?

A lot has been made recently about how close we are to the end. The question is the end of what? The Bible refers to something known as the end of the age. The question is what age? Did it already happen? If not is it close? What is going on in the world of politics? In Israel? In Europe? In Asia? In the Americas? What about the natural catastrphies?

Matthew 24 mentions several things that need to happen before the "Great Tribulation."

There shall be many that come in my name saying I am the christ.
You shall hear of wars and rumers of war.
Nations shall rise against Nations
Kingdom against Kingdom
Famines, Pestilance and earthquakes in divers places.
All these are the beginning of sorrows.

One of the things I looked at when I was a child was that the whole world was against Israel. Now with the current Britain and U.S. had always been pro Israel but in recent years, Especially Obama trying to dictate to Israel what to do I beleive that Israel has no friends. Britain I am not sure. I believe that the current government would be pro Israel but because they are part of the Anti Israel E.U. then we can't depend on them.

We have seen wars with Iraq and Afganastan. We have heard of warfar in Africa as Islam is on the rise there.

Famines have come and gone all over the world. There is a threat of further famine with the advent of Engineered food. If it fails then we are looking at a strong famine.

Earthquakes I have nothing to say. Haiti, Chile, Japan, China, California and Alaska have all had strong earthquakes recently. Keeping up with the USGS is very much a challenge in this area. At any given time you can see 50 earthquakes of 2.0 or greater over the last week.

The scary part is a fallen away that I have already seen. Between Jonas Brothers performing an Easter services for a prominate pastor in Southern California. The attempts to bring the various churches together. To use maketing instead of preaching to build churches. The number of Bible beleaving churches without a full time pastor.

The drive for a one world government has gone above ground. It is no longer a stealth issue. We have smart people bundling with the finances when they know how to correct it but they do what is apprently stupid. I don't think they are stupid but they are manipulating things.

There is a growing rise of Islam. Now that we are beginning to get a picture from the Bible of what Islam is and it's role in end times we know that it is on the rise. With the threats from Islam, we know they will be the catalyst for last days persecution.

I am not going to argue the case for a pretrib rapture but I will tell you the signs that I am seeing, we are either ready to begin the seventh week of Daniel or have a rapture. As I promised earlier I am working on a fiction novel for Gog and Megog. I won't give much away but It has given me a chance to think about how close we are to all this. Iran, turkey and Rodesia is in line. Russia is in line. All it has to do is get Israel at peace in order for the attack.

My challenge to the church is that our time is close. Now is the time to be full bore witnessing. Getting the gospel to the masses. It is time to snach as many as we can from the flame. My church's memory work for the summer will be the Romans road. Rom 3:10, 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9 10:13. I will challenge all my readers to do the same and then share it with someone today.

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