Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1, Play on

Rosh Hashanah has come and gone.  Elenin alignment has passed.  Obama is home from Denver.  This has reminded me of something I told the captains before a volleyball match I officiated last night.  I told the girls to play until they hear a whistle.  God has instructed us to work until we hear the last trumpet.

How many times do we quit because we think that we will be gone.  We act like we do when we know when the last day you will be at a job.  I don't care what you guys do I won't be here to suffer the consequences.  Wrong attitude.

We have a pastor that is facing the death penalty in Iran.  We have a major situation in the U.N. with the Palestinians asking for a state.  We have a budget crises in our government.  We know the dollar is imploding.  Wall Street is in turmoil.  We have an election coming up. There is a lot to do here on earth.  Has your neighbor been witnessed to?

As the pretrib activist, I have to encourage you to play on.  Keep going.  Finish the course that God has laid out for you.  Play until you hear a whistle.

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