Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earthquakes, Tornados, and Volcanos Oh My!

Wow, has the last two weeks have been exciting if you are following earth changes, Matthew 24 prophecies or any of the other one of the multitude prophecies concerning the end times.  Here is just a short list.  Since an 8.6 earthquake struck in Indonesia last Tuesday, we have had no less then a dozen 6.0 or higher earthquakes throughout the planet.  We generally see them on the ring of fire but a new one popped up this morning on the border between South American plate and the Antarctic plate in the middle of the south Atlantic. 

Tornadoes and Hail have not only hit in Mid America from Amarillo to Minneapolis, We have also had them in South Arabia. The hail pictures I have been seeing have been as large as 18 inches.  It is now at an incredible size.  Baseball and softball size hail has become the norm.  We had the large tornadoes last year but this year it started even earlier.

Volcanoes.  Well that has been incredible watching.  Costa Rica has two going off.  Mount Etna is going off in Italy.  There are several going in Indonesia.  According to the extinctionprotocal  forty-nine volcanoes have gone off since the first of the year. 

Two things I want to know.  Why doesn't the mainstream media talk about this more?  Why do I have to read about this is sources like blogs to find out what is going on?  The second thing I want to know is what is causing all this?  There have been many explanations.  Everything form HAARP to Frac well drilling to the approach of Nibiru(Wormwood).  I will tell you that any one or all of these could be working together on it.  We may never know until after the fact or in heaven. 

What we do know is that the earth is groaning.  It is cracking up.  It is in convulsions.  It is in birth pangs.  What that means is that the time of Tribulation is near.  If you see the Christmas decorations going up in the store, you know Thanksgiving is close.  If you see these signs you know the rapture is near. 

Time to get right with God.  Keep your ear to the ground and an eye on the sky. 

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