Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut. school shooting

As of this time, I have news that 26 are dead 18 are students in an elementary school in Connecticut.   Of course we are going to give our condolences to the families of these children and teachers.

The Bible says in 1 Timothy that the last days  will be perilous times.  It doesn't matter what you do it will be dangerous.  I have reffed basketball in Columbine.  I know what peril is.  Will it get worse.  It has been trending that way.  Is there something behind hind it?   We can always ask.

First of all they say that the shooter is a father and is among the dead.  How convenient.  Nothing like a dead suspect to suspend the investigation.  It was used with Kennedy. was declared a lone gunman and Ruby killed him in broad daylight.  There is no way of having a trial if the the person who is declared to be the perpetrator is dead.   So at least with Kennedy, there has been private investigations.

Why children?  First it gets every ones attention.  Second, it gets the emotions involved.  It worked with Oklahoma City.   Third Satan has always wanted a virgin sacrificed.   The more innocent the better.  Look at the fires of Molach.  Where children were burned to death on purpose. 

The call is going to be to ban guns.  Don't fall for it.  The ban should be for mind control medicines and black ops programs in the government.   We put kids on prozack and then they play violent video games.  At some level they snap and then go shooting.  There are black ops programs in the government to promote mind control activities.  Usually you find that more than one shooter was involved and they kill one so that the investigation is off.  Other situations such as the Fort Bliss shooting was a Muslim extremist, but I don't think that this is it. 

Bob Costas last week called for a gun ban.  We don't need that.  That is going to start a civil war.  This country needs a lot of prayer.  But Satan is doing his best right now to create fear.  We have Dec 21 coming up and this can make it worse.  People are already suicidal over that.  So let's get our heads together and keep things straight.  Israel has M16 in lockers in all classrooms.  No school shootings.   

Stay tuned,   There will be more to come. 

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