Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun Ban Debate

The raging gun debate right now in America down right scares me.  So let me be perfectly clear.  My Father comes from a long line of hunters who in many cases packed their own shot gun shells.  So why do we need guns in America?  Why don't we need guns in America.  On the why don't we need guns.  First they are a dangerous weapon.  In the wrong hands, serious injury and death can occur.  Criminals with guns can cause a lot of damage  Proper precautions must be made when you own guns that small children, and clumsy people do not accidentally shoot off one.  Also, you must make sure that people who are on psychotropic drugs do not get a hand on your weapons.  For this to happen you need to make sure your guns are put away in a location that is hard for the average person to get to and you can get to very quickly.  A locked gun cabinet with an easy for you to get to key is best. 

Reasons to have guns is long.  The first reason why we ever buy a gun is that someone invited us to go hunting.  Today, with food readily available, hunting is a sport not a necessity.  I don't doubt that it may become a necessity once again in this country.  Once you have a gun, you can find many uses.  Dealing with that rabid skunk that keeps wandering around your house.  Dealing with a predator such as a cougar or a bear.  Interesting to note that with the fourth seal of Revelation 6, that wild animals will be killing humans.  Of course the other one is the defending of your house from burglars.  Much has been documented lately about how that works.  I remember a criminal lose in my neighborhood and my father sat up all night with his shotgun at the ready. 

The one use of a gun which none of us really wants to do is defend ourselves against the government.  This would be either corrupt local law enforcement or national law enforcement or military.  We know from certain cases that it can be a losing battle.   Look at Waco.  Whether you agree or disagree with David Koresh and his theology, he had stock piled weapons, and the ATF felt it had to deal with the threat.  They used tanks to come against the compound.  Many innocent women and children died in that massacre.  So in dealing with the government and you are out manned and out gunned, you will have to make the decision to be a marter or give up peacefully.   Hopefully, you will be allowed to.  In German occupied countries, many were not allowed to.  They were executed.

So why do you need a semi-automatic?  Answer, because the government has tanks.  The second amendment was so that every man had a weapon and could join a militia at a moments notice and defend their homes from any enemy, foreign or domestic.  With what is going on right now along our southern border, it is not a good time to talk about disarming Americans.  These people need to be able to defend their homes against invaders from Mexico.  So I would say the Citizens need to have available,  semi-automatic weapons, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and even anti-aircraft guns.  We haven't felt like we needed such weaponry because we haven't felt threatened by an enemy.  But now we do.  The questions always comes up about atomic weapons.  On that one I would say no.  It does too much collateral damage.  The constitutional question is an interesting one.

Should foreigners be allowed to have guns in America?  They are not American citizens and do not have constitutional protection and they should be disarmed.   That includes any foreign troops that are in America. Last hing we need is a foreigner causing the problems.  

The objection comes up that if we really have an invasion, you can just call 911 and let the authorities handle the situation.  Sounds good on paper, but local law enforcement has been spread thin lately with budget cuts.  Most of the time that they arrive at a scene, all they can do is write the report.  If you have the gun, you can deal with the situation until law enforcement arrives.  Nothing like being able to do CPR yourself.  You can save a life while the ambulance is on the way.

What is going to happen if the current government bans guns?  First, I don't think they will go that far.  I think they will first register guns.  Later they will come for them.  But if they do ban  guns and force law enforcement to confiscate them, here is what you are going to see.  Most of America will turn them in and take the small amount of money that will be offered for them.  You will see crime rate rise.  There will be pockets of protesters that will not turn in their guns.  You will see firefights between government authorities and these resistance groups.  What we pray is that the law enforcement stand down.  After all it is an unlawful order to get the weapons.  Only if the Second Amendment is repealed will it be lawful.  There will be casualties on both sides and many will be innocent.  This will not be a civil Civil war like the first one was.  The weapons are much more powerful today then in 1861.  You may see Air Force or even Navy called into action which would really make things difficult.  In either case it will not be pretty.  We could even see foreign troops used to enforce the law.  They will not stand down.  They have not sworn an allegiance to defend the constitution. 

Is there a Biblical precedence for this happening?  Yes. I Samuel 13:19 says, "Now there was no smith found throughout all of the land of Israel: for the Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears."  What was the result of that?  The ended up taking farm equipment such as pitchforks and axes down to the smiths in Philistia and had them sharped and used them in the day of battle.  

I know Alex Jones made a fool of himself on CNN by not discussing the issue civilly.  I think he did the wrong thing by giving Peirs Morgan the time of day.  He did get his point across though.  Don't come for the guns, it will be a big mistake.  Peirs Morgan is not a person that should be talking. As a British Subject, he is not one that should join the debate.  That is subversion.   Russia Today(RT) and Chinese TV (CCTV) need to stay out of it too.  This is a debate between citizens.  Anyone who is from outside the US that joins the debate only wants a disarmed populace when they invade.  It was the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto that said, "I dare not invade the American mainland, there would be rifle behind every blade of grass."

It was the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse Tung that said, "Power comes from the barrel of a gun."  The question is, if the US Government is buying up all the ammunition, and they are trying to take away our guns, what are they planning?  Time will only tell.  For right now If you own a gun hold on to it.  The time may be coming where you may need it. 

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