Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Post Millenial Foundations

One of the reason's I started this blog was the accusations from Post Millenialist that we in the Pre Mill camp are somehow undermining this country.  I have done a lot of study into the history of this country and I find that the Post Trib camp had the upper hand through most of the first 150 years of the country.

When I read the history of George Washington, he equated winning the revolutionary war with Israel taking the promised land.  We wrote often of every man in his army being able to go home and "sit under his own vine and fig tree."  A statement Joshua used in reference to his army.

We find that the founding father's intended for us to have a year of Jubilee as outlined by Moses.  It is said that the liberty bell cracked when that did not happen 49 years later.  There was a speech made in congress in the 1800's talking about a future Russian attack on the U.S. based on Ezekiel 38 and 39.

It is important to note that the founders of this country were intending for it to bring in the Reign of Christ.  That God was to be our King.  They had every intention of being the ones who brought in the messiah.

Of course to make this work you have to have a replacement theology.  Israel is the Church and United States is the Kingdom.  What happened to all of that?  Why is that no longer the "Popular" opinion in this country?

Several things happened.  First, The Civil war.  The Civil war brought such deep hatred into this country.  There were many who taught the civil was was the tribulation.  When it ended in four years instead of seven and then followed by many years of hardship in the south, the idea was abandoned.  If Lincoln was the Antichrist then he didn't recover from his head wound. 

The next thing that happened was World War I.  It was suppose to be the war that ended all wars.  When they finished they tried to establish a League of Nations.  It was a miserable failure.  First because of lack of U.S. involvement and second because of the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler changed a lot of things.  He brought out the basest in man.  He showed how low one would go to prove he was superior.  He Killed six million Jews but more importantly Killed many many more on the battles fields of the world and in his death camps.  We somehow focus on the Jews, but he killed anyone that wasn't white and blond.  There were many during that time that believed Mussolini, Hitler's co conspirator, was the Antichrist and Hitler was the false prophet.

The final nail in the coffin for the Post Millennialist was Israel.  When Israel became a nation in 1947, the world took notice of a fulfillment of prophecy.  For centuries the church had held that God had forgotten about Israel and that the church had replaced Israel as the heir of promise.  Now Bible scholars searched the scripture to see what that meant.  Ezekiel 36 predicts the return of Israel and it happened literally.

What they found that it meant was that God still had a plan for Israel.  Romans 9-11 lays out that plan in the church age.  If God had a plan for Israel, then where is the church during the book of Revelation after chapter 4?  There is the mention of 144,000 and now scholars were beginning to believe that they were actual Jews not 144000 Christians.  If the church is not mentioned after Revelation 4 then they must be in heaven.   If they are in heaven that how did they get there?  The answer was in I Thessalonians 4:17. The words "caught up" is the Greek word  harpatzo.  Translated into Latin as rapturo.  Which we get our English word, rupture.

Now the Post Millennialist has a problem.  In order for us to get this world in order for the Messiah's return they have to take back control of this country and it's policies so that once again it is doing God's bidding.  They have taken very strongly to blogging and to the airways trying to stir up activism amongst Christians to take this country back.    The pre-tribber is just sitting back saying.  "Come quickly Lord Jesus".

Since we don't have the urgancy of the Post Millennialist, we are now the bad guys.  They have been very strong in debunking Pre Millennialist in general and Pre Tribulationalist in particular.  They want to destroy all hope that God is coming back for his own and that we have a job to now to get the country back in shape.

Let me remind you that we are not of this world.  Jesus said in John 14, "In this world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." It is not our job to overcome the world.  It is God's job.

We are not here to stir up controversy.  The controversy already has been stirred.  They tell us not to watch the newspapers for sign of his coming.

Luke 21:28 says, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

That is why in my news section, I have certain items to read.   Read Luke 21 and find out what we need to look for.

Since the Post Millennialist need the country back in order to usher in the Kingdom, is it our job to help them?  First of all we need to remember this countries foundations.  We were founded as a Christian nation and when we did we accepted the blessings and the curses as found in Deuteronomy.  Since the country is turning it's back on those foundations, it is our job to rescue the culture.  The strategy we use may be different then the strategy the Post Millennialist, but our mission should be the same.  Why we do it is different but that we do it needs to remain in tact.

Let me remind you that taking this country back requires that we take back the people of this country not just it's officials.  We live in a country of the people, by the people and for the people and if the people aren't with us then we can do nothing.  If God is not with us we can do absolutely nothing.

I was reminded last night listening John MacArthur, that Jesus' first act after coming through the gates of Jerusalem on a donkey was not to march on the governor's palace but to march on the Temple.  We need to get our act together in the church.  Judgment begins in the house of God.  Once we become the church again, we can start seeing soul's saved.  When we see soul's saved, then we can see the country turned around.

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