Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gary DeMar is at it again.

Gary DeMar, a prominent leader in the culture wars has done it again.  His fight to restore America to its roots is based on the belief that Christians need to rise up and take over government.  In his quest to do so, he has alienated pretribs with yet another book.  10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed.  While I haven't received a copy of it, I found the outline quite interesting.

    1.  The Myth of the ‘Israel-Church’ Distinction
    2.  The Myth that the Modern State of Israel is a Sign that the Rapture is Near
    3.  The Myth that only Dispensationalists Have a Future for Israel
    4.  The Myth of the Postponed Abrahamic Covenant
    5.  The Myth of  ‘Replacement Theology’
    6.  The Myth that Animal Sacrifices and Circumcision are Everlasting Rites
    7.  The Myth that the Temple Needs to be Rebuilt
    8.  The Myth that the Gospel has Yet to be Preached in the ‘Whole World’
    9.  The Myth that Earthquakes are Signs of the End Times
    10.  The Myth that Oil in Israel is a Prophetic Sign 

He could have saved a lot of time with 1 -5 by making them one point.  After all it is all about the Covenant/Dispensation debate.  That I won't go into since I have covered it.  Point five and six has to do with the rebuilding of the Temple and the reinstatement of animal sacrifices.   This of course must happen to fulfill Matthew 24 and Daniel 9.  Ezekiel 40-44 describes a rebuilt temple but ironically it is only open on Sabbaths and New Moons.

Point 8 is interesting to try to argue.  I think the Gospel has made it to the end of the world.  With Radio and internet we have been able to preach it everywhere.  Good Job HCJB, Wycliff, New Tribes, Trans World Radio and many thousands of missionaries on the ground.

Point 9 is about the earthquakes that have been happening.  It almost seems like a I can't read this chapter, the ground keeps moving.  How diverse do the earthquakes have to be to qualify?  Of course he is going to talk about the earthquakes of AD60-70. 

Then finally Oil in Israel.  I can give him that one.  Ezekiel mentions Gold and Cattle and goods.  Did you know that the number of millionaires in Israel rose 47% last year.  Incredible wealth is growing even without the oil.  So let's see how much Gold Israel has before we can determine that Russia is ready to march on Israel.  

It is just one further book he has written trying to get dispensationist to quit buying books by LaHaye and Rosenburg and buy his and quit getting excited over the return of the Lord.  I believe I read that there is a reward for those who are awaiting his return.  So don't let guy's like this get you down.  Keep looking up.  For your redemption draweth neigh.

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