Friday, July 16, 2010

What in the World is going on?

I have been listening to several talk shows.  Interesting listening.  Michael Savage and Alex Jones  Watch Alex Jones movie on the Obama Deception.  That is interesting. What I am reading out of this is that the end is near.  The question is whether or not this is stoppable. 

I am hearing that we are under a depressions since February 2009.  Everything that is being done is to drive this thing even further. 

My Wife and I have gone over this and we are debating this.  She thinks that the rise of home school children will be able to stop this.  What I get from the Bible is that if you stop it now, it will  come back later.  I think that is what happened in 1980.  The world was ripe to end but Ronald Reagan was able to delay the end.  Reagan is dead.  Obama is now president.  Democrats are in in control of congress and the white house.  Republicans are letting them do what they need to to bring about the end.  We can elect a Republican majority but will that be enough?

I have spent a lot of time writing on this blog about the pretrib aspect of this sight but we are activist.  Go out an Vote definitely.  But find out who you are voting for.  George Bush was a great vote at the time.  We have learned that he was just a slow move to the End Days.  Obama is a quick move.  Can it be delayed again?  I don't know. 

The Post Mills says it can be stopped.  I don't think so.  God is going to let it run its full course.  Then Judgment. If they truly believed their Bible, they would have to change their tack and say this is the time that Satan has been loosed so that he can be destroyed at Gog and Magog.  

Second Timothy says that in the last days perilous times will come.  This is scary times.  Now is the day of salvation.  Now is the accepted time.  Now is the time to start pulling your friends, family and even your enemies out of the fire.  The infowars people are saying we need to fight it.  Michael Savage doesn't quite know what to do.  I say we need to get our lives right with God and let him guide us to the truth.

This is not a time when we can debate this.  This is a time of action.  Now is the time.  The Tribulation is just around the corner.  This is a time when 2/3rds of all humans will die.  This is a time when we will have signs in the heavens, Signs on the earth,   Signs in politics.  Signs in Wars and rummers of wars.  Signs in diseases.  I am telling you that this is the most important to have it right.  The most important is to have it right with God.  Get the oil in your lamp.  Power of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. That's not exactly what I said. I said, I feel that God is going to use these kids (most homeschooled, but plenty are private and public schooled). I'm seeing kids coming up that are fearless and well grounded in the Bible and technically savvy with very strong work and survival ethics. I feel that God will use them for something before calling the rapture - some are already hard at work and the ranks are swelling.

    I don't pretend to be a prophet, but I can totally see these kids unleashed as a fire bomb of evangelism and heavily persecuted for their faith and boldness. I don't know how the end will play out - but I think God will use these remarkable young people before the end.


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