Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt, Jordon, Middle East in turmoil

What is going on in the Middle East.  All of a sudden there is a upsurge of activity there.  Governments are being toppled and new leadership is coming to power.  In Egypt, Mubarak has is losing power while in Jordan, there have been reports of rioting along the southern part of the country. 

In Egypt we know that this has been building for some time.  In Jordan it is a not has heavy.  Both countries have been ruled for a long time by people that are not of that country.  Egypt has not had a true Egyptian ruling for millennium. It is an Arab country. In Jordon the Ruler is an Arab while the people are Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites.  It wouldn't surprise me if Jordon falls into the hands a local person. 

In Egypt there is a larger problem.  Who will rule that country.  The Bible has a lot of good to say about Egypt in the end days.  Same with Jordan.  Psalm 83 though mentions all the groups that are Jordon, Gaza, and Lebanon as players in that conflict.  Not Egypt.  The Heshimites in Jordon have an agreement with Israel.  If Jordan falls, that treaty will be null and void.  Egypt has a treaty with Israel that has been honored by Mubarak.  I would suppose that any successor would honor it.  The interesting thing about the reign of the Beast is that it is Daniel mentioned Jordan  as a place not ruled by the coming prince.  

So let's keep an eye on the situation.  There is much speculation as to what will happen and what won't happen.  Alex Jones quoting the Wall Street Journal is already claiming that the CIA already has its next puppet in place for Egypt.  One more step toward the end times.  Keep looking up. 

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