Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are going to Rapture Ready Radio

We are getting ready to bring our pre-trib activism to the airwaves in a live call in radio talk show on rapture ready radio.  The idea of the show is to put feet to our knowledge.  We know what is happening but what do we do about it.  I hope to talk to the listeners and get their feedback on the day at church, the lessons learned and how to apply it to our life.  The hardest part of knowing what to do is doing it.  On Afterglow, we will study the word to find out if the things that we are being taught are correct, how it is to be applied and where do we go from there.

I don't want to make the show about debate, though I am sure some will happen.  It is not about preterism vs futurism, though it may come up.  It is not about pre-trib vs post trib, though it may come up.  It is not about, Is Jesus ready for the rapture.    It is about are you ready for the rapture whether it comes tomorrow at 3:00am or if it comes in 3011.  Join us in the chat room.  Send me some email. and let's get your questions answered.  I am not the Bible answer man,  though I will attempt to answer your questions.  I am not your pastor though I feel your pain.    I am your friend who wants to see you Rapture Ready.

The Show will be on Sunday nights at 9:00 Central Time on

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