Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heart Problems

Many who follow this blog have already learned that that last week I had a heart attack.  It was a blessing from the Lord that I even survived.  The bull headed man that I am stayed away from the hospital for 36 hours.    Needless to say I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  We serve an awesome God who is mighty to save.  I got a good doctor and we got the job done.

Some have asked how they can help.  I set up a donate button to give directly to my paypal account.  The Hospital has been good to us on the billing. Some local Church's primarily mine and Fellowship Bible Church have been good in giving us food.  Right now I just need rest and recovery.  There are some things around the house and some errands that need help running.

Will be posting more later on subject.  Afterglow did not air last week on Rapture Ready Radio.  We will be back next week with a special guest I have lined up.  He had agreed to come on before the heart attack but because of his families support during this situation and his generosity to move the date another week, I want you to hear from him and get a chance to to know his heart and passion for the lost.

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