Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four more years?

The election last night was called for Obama quite early dispite that fact that Ohio, Florida, Virginia were all close races.  Interesting looking at states on a map that the Rural areas all went for Romney and the cities went for Obama.  How much of it was legal and how much of it was illegal is hard to say.  I know that both of the candidates are known for election fraud.  So neither of them really deserved to be there. 

The problem is going to be what is going to happen in the next four years.  If past record is indicative of future returns we know that House went to the republicans so they will continue to pass laws.  The Senate went for the Democrates and they will continue to table those laws so that nothing gets to the president.  The president will solve the crises by passing executive orders.  The House will hold hearings and scream at the cabinet members for disobeying the law and then not doing anything else about it.  What needs to happen is to get special prosecutors going again to bring charges against criminals in the Obama administration.  That probably will not happen.  At some point the TEA Party people will get upset again.  They will get cooped by certain moderates posing as conservatives and again nothing will happen.

Do you see where this is going.  Prophecy Club had a guest back in the 80s that is starting to make sense.  His name was Dmitri Duterman.  He said that an internal revolution will be started by the communist (Barack Obama) and then out of the seas Russia and a few other countries will attack and destroy America.  This I can see happening.  It is the rest of his prophecies that I call into question.   Even his list of countries is not correct.  He said there will be Latin American countries involved.  We know from the Ezekiel 38 passage that It is Iran, Libya, Turkey, Germany and Sudan that are the allies in this fight.

The Bible is strangely silent in this matter but I can now see under the "leadership" of Barack Obama that the country is ready to go downhill.  Be prepared for some tough times ahead.  The earthquakes will continue.  The Storms will still rage.  The persecution will intensify.  The Lord is coming back soon.  America will fall.  I pray that I am wrong but my gut and my Bible say differently. 

We cannot continue promoting Same sex marriage and have the blessing of God.  We cannot continue aborting babies and still please God.  We cannot continue to appease those who oppose Israel and still please God.  We cannot say we are one nation under God and then tell the chaplains to not pray in Jesus name.  We cannot force non profit organizations to pay for abortions and contraception against the statement of faith of that organization and please God. 

I dare say with as close as the vote was that there are still some righteous people in America.  But when God has turned us over then we have problems.  I will ask Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Obama.  There is more evidence against him then there was Nixon.  But after that it is important that every man be right with God.  It is going to be tough.  I would rather be persecuted by my government then fall to judgment of God.  Stand tall and God bless. 

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