Monday, November 12, 2012

It's not the economy stupid.

When Clinton was elected in 1992 the statement was made that it was all about the economy.  Bush had raised taxes and voters did not like it so they elected Clinton and he raised taxes more.  When Clinton did that the Democrats lost the congress but he was re elected in 1996.  Now lets skip ahead to 2012.  In 2008 we elected a man that America barely knew for President.  In 2012 we know him a little bit better.  We know there is a question mark on his country of origin.  We know there is a question mark on his associations growing up.  There are question marks on what he did in College.  There is no question mark on how he stands on foreign policy.  There is no question mark as to what he wants to do with the economy.  He has taken over companies.  He has given incentives to political friends while punishing supporters of his opponents.  We know that he has appointed provable criminals to cabinet positions such as Attorney General and Secretary of State.

When Carter lost the election in a landslide against Ronald Reagan the economy was sinking.  We had interest rates in the 20+% level,  Inflation was double digit, and unemployment was on the rise.  Under Reagan we somehow got inflation to hold at 4%  and interest rates have been on the fall ever since to where it is now almost non existent.  What people don't understand is that the FED has total control over interest rates and the presidential policies have nothing to do with it. 

Over the last half century, the education system in America and I am not talking about the public schools but all schools have taught that you need a good education, to get a good job.  What is a good job?  What people don't understand in America is how economies operates.  They think that you need good skills to get good jobs but don't understand where wealth comes from.  So let me explain.

All wealth comes from God.  Where does God put his wealth so we can get it?  He puts it in the ground.  So how do we get it out?  We get it out by farming, hunting, ranching, forestry, fishing, drilling and mining.  All industries and all wealth creation come from this.  We are being told we have left the Agricultural age and have left the industrial age and have entered the information age.  I am sorry, we don't eat information.  We eat food.  Food comes from farming and Ranching hunting and Fishing.  To be able to hunt and fish we need tools tools happen when items trees are cut down and minerals are mined.  Then they are refined in a factory and sold back to the farmer, hunter, or fisherman.    Miners also need equipment that is refined.  So we have used factories to build tools for that.  As we have evolved to be further from the core economies the less we think of those economies. 

It is now to the point where the major economies in America right now is medicine, education, government, banking and entertainment. None of these economies create wealth.  Now you understand why the economy is failing.  Agriculture in all forms is under attack from the company of Monsanto.  Fishing is under attack from pollution entering the waters of this world as world.  Forestry is under attack from green people protecting trees.  Mining and drilling is under attack as our president has done everything he can to shut down those industries. Our industries are under attack by sending them overseas.  When you study the American Revolution you find that George Washington would create resources on his plantation in Virginia.  Then he would send them back to England and sell them to factories to be refined.  He would place orders for products and was told to bring back the extra money.  Washington almost always got an IOU on these journeys.  He got tired of it and led an Army against England for the right to create factories in America and control the price for which he sells his product. 

So what is it stupid?  It is sin.  We voted for sin in America.  In fact we used sin to vote for sin.  In all states where the law was followed in the election, Romney won.  In states with Election fraud going on, Obama won.  Not to say that Romney didn't use fraud.  I think he got nominated with election fraud.  But Obama promotes Same sex marriage.  Obama promotes criminals in the government.  He promotes abortion, and he has gone beyond to say you can kill up to age two and with Obama care, euthanasia has been endorsed.  If you aren't a producer, then you will be killed.  he has paid high dollars to government workers and made it a post of bribery. 

What he is going to do in the next 4 years is any ones guess. Speculation is that he is going to persecute his enemies.  He is going to stifle decent.  He is going to crush the once great US economy.  It isn't the economy stupid.  It is about having an Obama phone.  It is about no work for food.  It is about bullying enemies into submission.  It is about you not having a choice in religion. 

But before I have you too fearful, remember, God did not give us a spirit of fear.  But of power and love and of a sound mind.  God has promised to care for his own through tribulation.  The rest of the world has prayed for the American church to face tribulation.  We are lukewarm.    This will separate the men from the boys when it comes to your faith in Jesus Christ.  I will say, finally.  Look up for your redemption draweth neigh.  Sin must play out its course in America so God can fully judge it. 

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